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When They Found This Kitten Near Their Home, They Had No Idea What It Really Was

OMG June 14, 2017 By Vincent

A cute little ball of fluff that appears to be abandoned on the side of a dirt road, most people would do the same thing and take them in and offer them shelter and that's exactly what a Thai family did when they found a mewling kitten without a mother or carer in sight.

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

Calling the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), the family sought help from them to care for the lone animal but when the charity arrived they could instantly tell this was not a regular cat.

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

This was a wild fishing cat kitten and the WFFT instantly realized what had happened and informed the family that the mother was a cat known to them that they had released in a nearby rice field and that she had probably just dropped one of her litter.

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

"We were told that the mother of the fishing was actually a released rescued animal, that they had found in a rice field next to the house while working a few years ago, they raised the cat into adulthood and then released it back to the wild."

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

The WFFT said of the kitten: "When we arrived we found the kitten to be very cold and in urgent need of some milk, so we headed straight back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital with the little kitten held closely to vet Aon’s chest to keep warm."

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

The family said they had seen the mother fishing cat from time to time around the house so they knew she had probably just lost a kitten by having her paws full with the others.

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

Comfortable in water, these cats are very strong swimmers and prey on fish, hence their name. Native to Southeast Asia, it's rare that they will come in contact with humans.

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation/Facebook

Vulnerable to extinction due to the destruction of their habitat, it was lucky that this kitten was picked up when it was.

"The Fishing Cat faces a high risk of extinction throughout its range and is thought to be amongst the most vulnerable of the small and medium-sized cats in Southeast Asia."

Naming the kitten Simba, the charity took care of the little feline by feeding it milk and keeping it warm.The tiny little kitten wasn't even as big as the palm of a human hand and so desperately needed care to keep it safe.


There are fishing cats in zoos across the globe but to find them in the wild is much, much rarer.

Many love the fishing cat and it is even the state animal of West Bengal

Conservation projects are underway to help the declining cat population. Hunting is prohibited in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand. Hunting regulations apply in Lao PDR. In Bhutan and Vietnam, the species is not protected outside protected areas. Would you help out a lost kitten on the side of the road? How would you react if you discovered it was a rare species? Let us know in the comments below.

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