What This Man Did For A Boy Who Knocked On His Door Will Restore Your Faith

OMG December 19, 2017 By Hugo

One man from Kansas City, Missouri must have been beyond confused when a loud thud woke him up in the early morning. As is the case with most unexpected knocks or phone calls, he likely feared the worst and rushed to this front door to investigate.

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And it was then that he found a panic-stricken boy on his step.

It soon transpired that the poor boy had missed his bus to school, and after plucking up the courage to knock on stranger's homes to get to school on time, he was met with little luck. Luckily, however, Brian Smith, the man who opened the door, didn't think twice and grabbed the keys to his car. 

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But what happened after totally changed Brian's life.

It appeared as though it would be a morning to forget for one child in Kansas City, Missouri. On a sunny morning in August 2017, the boy left his home to make his way to school, only to miss his bus and be left with the all-too-real prospect of turning up late and thus enduring the wrath of his teachers.

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Naturally, the boy began to panic. So in a bid to avoid punishment and embarrassment, he decided to place his faith in strangers by knocking on their doors in the hopes they hitch him a ride.

Unfortunately, though, it was to no avail, and as the minutes went by, it appeared the boy’s hopes of getting to school on time were all but over.

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Nonetheless, he refused to give up without a fight, so decided to approach the fourth home. He knocked frantically, praying that someone would have enough good in them to take him to school.

And it appeared his desperate knocking worked, as the homeowner was quick to open the door. 

Facebook/ Brian Smith

The kid was then confronted by Brian Smith, a stocky man with tattoo laden arms. By anyone's standards, the guy didn’t look like your typical good samaritan, but as the schoolboy soon discovered, you must never judge someone by their looks.

Indeed, while Brian Smith may look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, he proved to have a heart of gold and is actually a father to a beautiful little girl. 

Facebook/ Brian Smith

Born and bred in Kansas City, Smith recognizes the importance of education and regularly incorporates educational activities into his daughter's life to ensure she has the best possible chance in life, so it's little wonder he offered to help.

Recalling the incident on Facebook, Smith wrote, “I open [the door] like, ‘What up lil homie?’ I’ve never seen him before."

Facebook/ Brian Smith

After telling Smith he’d missed the bus, and that there was no quick way of getting to school, the boy asked Smith for a lift.

According to Smith, the boy said, ‘I missed the bus and no one will take me to school." Dissapointily, the boy then told Smith that he had knocked on three doors, but they refused to drive him. Consequently, Smith knew what he had to do.

Facebook/ Brian Smith

“My response [was], ‘Say no more fam. [I] didn’t even brush my teeth… just grabbed my keys [and] slipped on my foams.”

After dropping him off, he took a picture of the kid as he walked away before captioning the photo with a detailed explanation of his heart-warming encounter.

Facebook/ Brian Smith

"Go get that education young brotha,” Smith wrote. “This is what a big homie does for young brothas."

But rather than have a few friends and family members comment, his post soon went viral, and since the Facebook post was published in August 2017, it has since garnered over 320,000 reactions, while over 140,000 people shared it with their followers.

Facebook/ Brian Smith

It also drew 23,000 comments from users across the world, with everyone lavishing their praise on Smith's kind deed. One user even called him a “hero.”

“This is what you call a hero,” the comment read. “This young man will never forget what you’ve done. This could’ve been God himself knocking on your door seeking your kindness. May he bless you in return.”

Facebook/ Brian Smith

Another user wrote, "I'm sure you’ve gotten thousands of messages, but I just gotta stop and say thanks. After a less than stellar few weeks, it was nice to read about an action that was so simple yet powerful at the same time.”

"This world needs more people like you and that young man,” the commenter added. “Thank you for helping make the world better for your daughter, my kids, everyone’s kids… even if just for one moment. Those moments add up!

Facebook/ Brian Smith

The level of attention bestowed upon the father certainly took him by surprise. After all, by his own admittance, he prefers to keep under the radar. “This is crazy,” he wrote on Facebook two days after his original post blew up. “I never expected any of this […] I’m an under the radar kind of person if you know me so you know I’m like, ‘What the hell!’”

But the story didn't end there.

Facebook/ Brian Smith

In an extraordinary twist, Smith then found that the boy wasn’t the stranger he’d first thought.

It turned out that his mom worked at the gym Smith attends. Smith was no doubt pleased to know the boy had a good family behind him, and the boy's mom was just as glowing in her praise as the thousands of Facebook users.

Facebook/ Brian Smith

Describing his encounter with her on Facebook, Smith wrote “Damn small world!!."

And as we would all agree, the world's a better place with people like Smith in it. 

Facebook/ Brian Smith

Have you done any good deeds similar to Smith's? If so, we'd love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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