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What This Dog Does Every Day Is Beyond Incredible

OMG June 19, 2017 By Hugo

We all know that one dog who likes to show off by walking down the road without a lead and a swagger befitting of Snoop Doggy Dog, but one dog in Brazil has taken the phrase "good dog" to a whole new level. 


Ladies and gentleman, allow us to introduce you to Pituco, a puppy from Brazil who regularly goes to his local shop unattended and comes out carrying a pack of dog food. 

In a video that appears too good to be true, Pituco's daily ritual has gone undisturbed for months, with the pup handed his food the moment he steps foot inside the Agro Pet store.

“Everybody knows Pituco,” a local vet told the animal news website, The Dodo. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.”


But Pituco's arrangement isn't a loving free-for-all. His owners have a tab with the local store, and sometimes Pituco collects other foods for his owner's pets, such as cat food and bird seeds.

It's certainly a cute spectacle, and one we wish we saw more of at OMG Lane because I'm madly in love with this dog and want mine to be exactly like Pituco.

What do you make of the video? Will you be training your pup to do the same? Click here to watch the amazing video and let us know in the comments.

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