What This Dog Caught In The Ocean is Truly Epic!

OMG December 15, 2017 By Hugo

Most dog owners can teach their beloved pooch a trick or two. Raising a paw to the hand is a classic, or perhaps the canine extends itself and learns to catch a frisbee. But there's nothing spectacular about those tricks... unless you live in Australia and regularly take your dog fishing.

YouTube/ Devoted to the Ocean

Alex thoroughly trained his black Labrador, Lila, to initially fetch toys from his swimming pool and it wasn't long before Lila was transformed from a well-trained mut into an ocean bed assassin. 

YouTube/ Devoted to the Ocean

In the remarkable video, Alex is seen pointing downwards at the ocean as an eager-eyed Leila looks down. Then, as though it were as easy as collecting a toy in a swimming pool, Leila dives head first into the ocean until it retrieves a tasty lobster. 

YouTube/ Devoted to the Ocean

Genius or what?

You can watch the full video by clicking here.

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