30 Wedding Photos That Took The Internet By Storm

LOL May 13, 2019 By Hugo

Whether you're an old romantic or a perpetual naysayer,  everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding. However, weddings don't always go to plan.


Here, we'll take you through 30 wedding photos that are beyond hilarious and in some cases, incredibly awkward!

Handsome and the Beast


Photos can be taken at peculiar angles and in the case of these newlyweds, one of their wedding photos appeared to suggest the bride had semi-transformed into a horse.

Forget Disney's Beauty and the Beast- these two are the real deal. 

Making a splash 


Breathtaking and romantic photos dominate weddings, but as this photo proved, they can also be a recipe for disaster.

Getting 8 people to stand on an unstable bridge is just asking for trouble, but maybe that was the photographer's plan all along!



Brides spend hours looking wedding-ready for their groom, so if you mess with their look- even accidentally- she isn't going to like it one bit!

In this photo, a guest accidentally treads on the end of her dress, which her beautiful hair just happens to be attached to! It's safe to say she screamed the place down. 

The most spectacular wedding cake fails


This poor bride must have been embarrassed and distraught when her husband clumsily cut the cake.

The video was probably intended to capture a joyous moment, but the cake wasn't strong enough to remain stable. Cringe!

Satan would be proud


Newlyweds Kim and Kanye proved that famous people have some of the most elaborate weddings known to man, and as such, the wedding dress code isn't going to be ordinary- far from it!

Enter Jaden Smith as Batman. Yes, Jaden Smith is still famous. And yes, he's also released an album mimicking just about every edgy hip hop artist. Yawn.

"Till death do us part... Until a gorgeous woman walks by"


Boys will be boys, but this married fellow really messed up! If you're going to look, at least distract your wife first!

What an amateur. 

The worst wedding cake in history? 


We've seen some pretty awful wedding cakes in our time, but this abomination of a cake has to be the worst.

Instead of looking like a cake befitting of Bruce Wayne's luncheon, it looks like a big fat turd. Not romantic in the slightest!

Bad kitty!


While this may appear funny, it's also highly disrespectful! Sure, the cat is being cheeky, and in the context of a 'funny wedding photo' it is actually quite amusing, but it's also incredibly disrespectful to both these beautiful newlyweds! 

Bad kitty! 

Swapping genders for the day


Weddings can be criticized for being uniformly dull and drab, but one thing you can usually bank on is the bride wearing a killer dress. But what's going on with these outfits?!

Clearly going for a gender reversal, the idea behind it is nice and encouraging, but they can't seem to quite pull it off! 

Gone with the Wind


Unlike the romantic, American civil-war drama Gone with the Wind, this bride was quite literally gone with the wind when a massive gust lifted her dress and covered her face!

Amused, the groom can only laugh, just like the millions of people who have seen it online. 

Windmill Gate 

Rumble/ Viral Hog

A wedding taking place in Ontario, Canada on August 14, 2009, could have ended in tragedy when a windmill knocked one of the groomsmen to the floor. In a moment of idiocy, the men climbed onto the windmill for a photo opportunity, but it soon turned comic. 

As one of the groomsmen scaled the railings, the blade flicked him to the ground. We shouldn't laugh, but we can't help it. The dude got knocked over by a windmill!

Not so stable


As we've said before, having a wedding on an unstable walkway is never going to end well so in the future you might want to skip that verdant landscape with an ocean view and book a cheap church service instead!

At least then you'll save money on towels.

Love Can Make You Feel Invincible


For this groom, marrying the love of his life and being around all his friends and family probably proved too much. So instead of being sensible and telling his friends that being thrown into the air in a room with a low ceiling wasn't a good idea, he was quite literally swept up in the elixir of his own romance.

But instead of being thrown into the heavenly arms of his wife, he was tossed into the ceiling, resulting in a very sore head.

What's Mine Is Yours... Except For Alcohol


Traditional marriage scripture states that what is mine is yours, but this equality of two people becoming one doesn't seem to always work out. Whilst some couples survive sky-high divorce rates and remain together till death does them part, others put up with each other by breaking a few rules.

As this photo shows, this can often extend to not sharing precious bottles of wine. 

Wedding Crasher


There's always one: A guest at the wedding who clearly didn't get an invite. In this case, the wedding crasher stands out because not only is he not wearing a suit, he's barely wearing anything!

He's just happy to be there, drinking in the groom's success as he sips on a can of beer amidst the hazy sunset. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would be proud of you, bud!

There's Always One...


Weddings are a celebration of two people's unrequited love for each other, and in that celebration lies one night of hedonistic entertainment. However, there's always one guest at the wedding who takes these celebrations to a whole new level.

Just take this guy! The group are all smiles as they pose for a photo in what they think is a stunning beach backdrop, but little do they know that a topless hairy dude has just ruined it!



We've all imagined how our wedding would be. Some of us might want the full-on church service while others might just want a low-key registry office reception with a little party after. Others, however, prefer to do things a little different- even if that means intruding on nature.

While we shouldn't laugh, the look on the man's face as a bull charges is priceless, but his shock is to be expected considering they decided to get married in a fricken' field!

The Lama Who Crashed The Wedding


In most Western cultures we typically see an ordained minister witness two people tieing the knot, but in this case, the church was short-staffed. Without any human replacement available, it seemed that anyone would do.

Yes, in this very photo, we witness a lama swearing in a pair of newlyweds. Only in America.

Ignore Them And Look At Me!


Squirrels are pesky animals that only ever care about stuffing their cute little faces with nuts, but when two human beings take up space in its natural habitat, it appears that they take umbrage and get all jealous! 

Yes, we can see you with your little paws trying to push the camera away. We get it: You're special too.

Oh, BoJack! 


Bojack Horseman is a busy man horse. When he's not waxing lyrical of his fame of yesteryear, he's using his vast wealth to search for his next hedonistic hit in the bedroom.

Away from the nihilism of one of Netflix's most celebrated shows, weddings are beautiful things as they make us happy. However, BoJack doesn't do happy, and it appears that he's morphed into a real-life character intent on making a mockery out of another human being's happiness.

The Middle Finger


We're not sure if this is an inadvertent middle finger or a sly, deliberate swear that he thought would go unnoticed. Either way, it's pretty funny and just goes to show that not everyone at a wedding will ever care about how much two people love each other as much as the two people getting married!

In other words: People will only attend your wedding for the food and booze. Not because they're happy you're in love. Got it?

Not Impressed


Weddings are the epitome of happiness and success in adulthood. They make us forget about the more mundane things like bills, work, and other day-to-day grinds and briefly lets us bask in the fortune of finding someone who accepts us for who we are. However, try telling this to a kid.

Lining up with the adult bridesmaids who have massive smiles plastered across their face, she isn't that impressed with all the commotion and instead looks miserable.

Love? Gross. 

There goes the cake


The wedding cake: Probably the most important part of a wedding after the vowels. It's fair to say then that if something goes wrong with the cake, the wedding is ruined.

While that might be an over exaggeration, one of the photos above proves that a damaged wedding cake will make you an unwanted Internet celebrity. So to avoid this, you should buy a samurai sword and stand within arm's length of a standard sized cake. 

This Guy Didn't Get The Dress Code


Weddings are generally in closed-off places away from the prying eyes of non-family members and friends. But if you step one foot outside and into the public, all hell awaits.

And yes, that includes naked men photobombing your wedding photo!

Cute Surprise 


Most wedding photographers are struggling professionals who are grateful for any jobs that come their way. But when faced with the unexpected, as this photographer experienced with this beautiful photobombing kitty, it can add something new to the day and make for an even better set of photos.

This wonderful black and white photo of a kitty standing in the way of newlyweds is delightful and charming and probably the best picture taken that day. 

Bridesmaids Behaving Badly


It's not always the guys. As this photo proves, women can be just as naughty on a wedding day. Pictured looking radiant and glowing in a bright golden dress with her bridesmaid friend by her side, the photo loses a sense of a romance as the other bridesmaids photobomb the picture by imitating a racy pose!

No guessing what they're doing here, folks!

This Cat Also Thinks Weddings Are Gross


No marks for guessing what this kitty thinks about two people marrying in the hopes their love will last forever.

Maybe we should all adopt the viewpoint of this kitty when it comes to love and be sassy and independent flufballs instead? 

The Perfect Spot


Poor woman! She probably spent hours getting ready on what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life only for a wandering dog to take up a coveted seat on the end of her expensive wedding dress.

Still, judging by her expression, she thankfully saw the funny side!

"Can I Get Married Too?"


This is so adorable! While we've had countless animal photobombs in this gallery, we think this one tops them all for the sheer fact that dolphins are just the cutest!

If you ever wanted to get married and take photos in an aquarium, you'd be lucky to take a photo with this cool dolphin. 

Meerkat Madness


Even when you're in a sequestered desert with just your loved one, it still seems that anyone could just pop their head up at any moment and ruin the photograph.

For these newlyweds, they probably thought they'd be okay with just them and a self-timed camera until they looked back on the photos and noticed a cute meerkat show its head amidst the trees and gravel!

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