Watch The Moment A Big Puppy Helps A Small Puppy Onto The Bed

OMG September 13, 2017 By Hugo

The unconditional love of siblings is one of the best forms of platonic love and for 3-month-old male puppy, Moo Ping, he proved this by helping his 1-month-old sister, Khao Neaw onto her owner's bed!

Rumble/ ViralHog

In some cases, older siblings might have seen this as a perfect chance to wind their younger siblings up and show them who's boss, but Moo Ping clearly had other ideas.

Instead, he jumps to the floor and helps his little sister up with a few nudges from his nose. We don't know about you, but we've never seen a video like this before.

It's not only a sweet watch but also a beautiful illustration of just how caring dogs are towards family members. In many ways, humans could learn a lot from them. 

Watch the full video below and let us know if your pets have done anything similar in the comment section below.

Rumble/ Viralhog

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