Watch The Incredible Moment Portuguese Surfer Breaks World Record

OMG August 17, 2018 By Hugo

Along with being a pro skater, a jet-setting DJ and a global rock star, surfing has to be up there with the coolest professions out there, but imagine not only being good at surfing but being the guy who rode the biggest wave ever recorded!


While we can only imagine how amazing that would feel, for the Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa, he has made his dreams a reality, and after watching the record-breaking video, you'll gain even more respect for the dude.

A report from MailOnline wrote that Rodrigo caught the 80ft wave off the coast of Nazaré in Portugal on 8 November 2017, but the record wasn't confirmed until the World Surf League's Big Wave Awards verified it and awarded him the accolade in California earlier this year. Talk about keeping the poor guy in suspense!

The World Surf League said in a statement. "The award goes to the surfer who, by any means available, catches the biggest wave of the year."

"Not only did Koxa win this year's honour, but he now holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave surfed."

Unsurprisingly, the 38-year-old said winning the award was 'the best day of my life'.

But the night wasn't all about Rodrigo. Close friend Lucas Chianca was awarded the Best Men's Overall Performance trophy, while the Best Women's Overall Performance saw the Hawaiian surfer Paige Alms scoop the prize for the third time in her career.

However, on the opposite end of the awards' spectrum was the British surfer Andrew Cotton, who picked up the award for Wipeout of the Year after his shocking fall in Nazare, Portugal on the same day Rodrigo bossed the waves with his record-breaking surf.

Watch the death-defying world record here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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