Wait Till You See What This Tiger Does Next

OMG May 4, 2018 By Hugo

A tiger's natural instinct was on full display at Moscow Zoo as video footage captured the extraordinary moment a caretaker jumped out of his skin after a tiger pounced on him. 

While the caretaker lent against the glass safe in the knowledge that the tiger was contained, it's hard not to flinch and get a bit nervous the closer it gets!


The intensity in its eyes is palpable, and for a brief second, it's clear to see that the majestic creature forgets about its confinement and imagines that it is within striking distance of landing a tasty meal. 

30 seconds in, the tiger makes its move, and its enough of a fright to send the caretaker running towards his friend. Despite knowing about the tiger's innate intentions, it makes for a funny, suspenseful video.

Watch the hilarious video below and share it with a friend who you think would be even more of a wuss than this guy!


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