Victoria Beckham Criticized For Using 'Emaciated' Models

Celebs January 16, 2018 By Hugo

Victoria Beckham has been criticized for using 'emancipated' models in a campaign for her new collection. 


Critics of the campaign included British journalist Piers Morgan, who branded Beckham "irresponsible." In a scathing tweet, the controversial journalist, who has a six-year-old daughter, called for the fashion mogul to think twice before promoting such clothing. "Stop using such emaciated models to sell your clothes. It’s dangerously irresponsible," he tweeted.

Morgan had retweeted the designer's #VBEyewear post, which promoted her Spring Summer 1970s-inspired collection. The post quickly caused a stir on social media, and many were quick to condemn the collection.

One mother was concerned about the impact the advertisement would have on her daughter. "This image is exactly why my already tiny daughter thinks she needs to eat less" she vented on Instagram. Another user wrote, "The models are always incredibly thin. I can’t relate to the products. Especially being a healthy size 12. These ladies look like their missing meals. 0 is not even a size."

But not everyone was against the campaign. One user believed the models looked perfectly healthy. "I think the model is beautiful, she’s very tall which I think makes her look slimmer." 

Writing in the Daily Mail, former anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf went on step further in her condemnation, arguing that the fashion industry's obsession with size 0 is what drives malleable females to eat less. "Such images will make them starve themselves and binge and vomit every single day. This isn’t just fashion: this is real human beings’ lives" Woolf warned.

Victoria Beckham has yet to comment on the matter, though it is unlikely this fashion trend will disappear anytime soon.

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