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15 Unbelievable Things You Can Buy At Wal-Mart

Weird November 24, 2016 By Hugo

Wal-Mart is the most profitable company in the world according to 2016's Global Fortune 500 list and is also the world's largest private employer, with 2.2 million people being employed in over 11,500 stores across the world. And judging by the wacky and original products they stock, that isn't hard to see why.

Yes, there's something for everyone at Wal-Mart, and as well as attracting customers who have no problems shopping in just their underwear, you can also find some pretty strange stuff! Here are 15 examples.

1. Crocodiles 

Starting things off on this weird and wonderful list are full-sized crocodiles. Yes, full-sized ones, who, if alive, would have little qualms eating you alive as you broadcast the event on Facebook Live. 


In all seriousness, people like the taste, especially in China, where the reptile is stocked in many Chinese stores although you'll be hard-pressed to find any stocked in American stores.

2. A 12-Unit Fitness Course

It may seem rather strange to sell a ninja-style fitness course priced upwards of $7,000 in a grocery store, but then again, Wal-Mart is no ordinary place.


Coming with the equipment every serial gym-goer would love, the appliances include monkey bars, gymnastic rings and even a firepole, with the top-of-the-range package coming to a whopping $10,000.

3. Chocolate Tacos

Eating chocolate flavoured tacos is likely to be the worst decision you ever make and goes to show that brands will do anything to appear forward-thinking and diverse. But this product screams, "NO." 


The crazy concoction, thought up by the team at Taco Bell, is stocked in many American Wal-Mart stores and comes laden in a host of sweetness, including sprinkles, chocolate sauce as well as the chocolate-coated taco shells themselves. However, according to feedback from customers, the shells taste like regular shells and nothing like chocolate. Surprised? 

4. Giant Portions

American portions being bigger than most is nothing new, but it's shocking to know that the country's largest retailer is intent on aiding the problem via a host of super-sized food portions.


For instance, those not content with a regular tub of Nutella spread can instead purchase an 11-pound container of its nutty goodness while a plethora of other mammoth options, like giant tuna cans are also readily available.

5. Shark Heads 

While crocodiles are commonplace in Chinese Wal-Mart stores, shark heads can also be found- despite the practice of shark hunting being banned in many areas of the world.



Often in the ice sections, with their mouths open and their penetrable teeth on full show, baby sharks are also sold in small packets, leading many non-Chinese customers to be both enamoured and disgusted.

6. Bacon-Scented Pillows

Bacon is a universally loved by many people, and its sizzling scent is enough to make our stomachs rumble, but quite how anyone could want to go to sleep smelling it is anyone's guess.

But it must be a favourite with customers of the retail giant otherwise, they wouldn't keep selling it! 

7. Weapons

America has long stuck by the Second Amendment's stipulation that every citizen has a right to bear arms, so it's little surprise their biggest retailer sells weapons. 


In fact, you can buy almost any weapon of your choice, from a pink air rifle to a Walking Dead-inspired samurai sword. You know, just in case a zombie knocks on your door as you're watching Monday Night Football.

8. Poo-Dough

The toy section of Wal-Mart is a mecca for any child, with a whole host of uber-cool products, like life-sized Barbie dolls and replica Ford trucks to name but a few. But to cater to those with a more out-there taste, there's one product which you'll have trouble believing is real.


Wether you believe it or not (trust us, it's real), Poo-Dough is sold in most Wal-Mart stores, and according to its online description includes, " Two canisters of brown Poo Dough (in different shades) and one canister of yellow (to create corn and peanut accessories) ." 

9. Turtles

Away from weird poo toys, people might be more disturbed to know that customers in Chinese Wal-Marts have a penchant for eating turtle.


Yes, that's a REAL turtle! Lord have mercy on us all. 

10. Meat Water

It seems like we're obsessed with Chinese Wal-Marts, but it's  hard not to be when you have a look at everything they stock.


And as well as proudly selling crocodiles, turtles, shark heads, baby sharks and just about everything which could be considered strange, they also sell meat water for those needing their daily protein fix.

11. Dried Animal Parts

Animals in Chinese Wal-Marts aren't only in the frozen sections. In fact, many animals, which have been dried out and sold in separate parts, can be found all over the stores.


In the vast majority of stores, the most popular parts are often: pig faces, whole squids, whole ducks, and crocodile heads and legs. We don't know about you, but we at OMG Lane are doing just fine with our beef jerky.

12. Baseball-Themed Caskets

Talking about death is never easy, but baseball sure is. It's a way of life, after all, so what better way to offset the malaise that comes from death than to buy a baseball-inspired casket?


Sure, you might find yourself unable to experience the joys of resting in a casket with your team's logo emblazoned on the casing, but you can rest in the memory that your family will be smiling in the knowledge your death only cost them $3,000. 

13. Giant Lighters 

Have you ever wished, when lighting a cigarette with a regular-sized lighter, that you could light it with one as big as your hand? Well, in some Wal-Mart stores, your dream is their reality.


Yes, in many American stores, they stock giant lighters. Called 'The Behemoth', this lighter will no doubt leave you looking smug when people approach you on a night out asking if you 'have a light.' 

14. Lottery Prayer Candles

We've all wondered what it would be like to win the lottery and live out our wildest fantasies, but few would rely on a candle to help us have those dreams realised. Well, unless you're a Wal-Mart customer...


In what has to be even weirder than dough shaped and coloured like human faeces, these lottery prayer candles prove that in America, nothing is ever left to the imagination. 

15. Pickle Popsicles

If the last 14 things weren't enough to keep you from puking, then we're sure these pickle popsicles will do the job. 


Stocked in most Wal-Marts, they're evidently a popular choice of snack. Each to their own, ey? 

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