12 Insane Fishing Catches That Almost Broke The Internet

OMG June 26, 2018 By Hugo

Fishing is an activity that requires a lot of patience. Not everyone is prepared to sit around doing nothing all day in the faint hope they might catch something noteworthy, so most avoid this favorite pastime altogether and play Fornite instead.

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However, for an older generation, fishing is very much rooted in their DNA. While it may seem boring to most, the thrill of a mammoth catch can be exhilarating, as these extraordinary catches proved!

Here, we go through 12 fishing stories that are scarcely believable. 

1. Anyone for lobster?

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Lobster is considered an expensive treat in the Western world, so catching them is an incredibly lucrative business for fishers. However, when an infant lobster weighing more than 27 pounds was caught off the Atlantic coast, the local aqua center let him free!

Before parting ways, the team behind his discovery named him Rocky, who measured an astonishing 1 meter from head to tail. That's almost the equivalent of a toddler! However, the heaviest lobster on record weighed 44 pounds. Caught in 1977 off the Scottish coast, the lobster officially entered the Guinness World Records.

2. You've got crabs!

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Another other-worldly crustation to make our list was caught near the shores of Australia. Weighing 16 pounds, the crab was quickly purchased by a British aquarium to save him from ending up on a crabstick!

Since settling into his new home, the team at the Sealife Aquarium in Weymouth, England have named him Claude, and judging by his expression; he appears to be having a great time...

3. Sam Barrington's amazing giant grouper catch

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The Atlantic Giant Grouper can usually grow to a size of 2.4 meters and can weigh 397 pounds, but they have been known to weigh up to an incredible 800 pounds! NFL linebacker Sam Barrington was lucky enough to catch one himself, and judging by the photo, we're guessing that one's around 600 pounds at least!

4. The 200-year-old salamander

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Giant Salamanders are known for the gargantuan size, but a recent discovery led scientists to believe they had found the largest one yet. The 114 lbs amphibian was discovered in a desolate Chinese cave, and, according to some experts, is believed to be over 200 years old!

5. The Polish goldfish 

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At 15 inches long, 5 inches wide, and over 2 lbs in weight, Goldie was considered the world's largest goldfish. Caught in Dorset, Britain, Goldie is an ornamental goldfish that is not native to the UK so most probably would have been someone's pet before being flushed. Having no natural predators in those waters would have helped him grow to his epic proportions. However, another goldfish, of a similar epic size, was caught in Poland!

6. What a croc! 

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Thought to be the longest crocodile at 21 feet long, and weighing an unbelievable 2,004 pounds, the reptile was caught after a three-week hunt in the Philippines. Crocodiles are ferocious reptiles and can stand their own against most animals, including humans, many of whom lose their lives to these feared predators every year.

Fortunately for the croc, it was placed back into the swamp after its capture.

7. The Greatest of great white sharks

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While these ocean warriors are not to be messed with, fishing trawlers still have no qualms catching them, particularly in areas where there is a high demand for their meat. 

Many of the biggest catches have taken place in Japan, but the largest on record, weighing 1,200 kg, was caught in 1969 in Australia. That's basically the weight of a car!

8. Giant Tasmania crayfish 

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If you want to find out how big these delicacies can grow, your best bet is to head to the Tasmanian rivers, where crayfish have been known to grow up to 0.5m. The usual crayfish measures little more than 10cm.

9. Giant carpers

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People who fish these popular marine animals are known as "carpers." Many photos of abnormally large carpers have gone viral, but some have come in weighing over 100kg!

In 1984, a Siamese carp weighed in at 107kg, a world record at the time until it was broken in 2007! The man responsible for this, a Thai fisherman, had made a career out of making sturdy fishing rods, and he was clearly good at his job as he captured a carp weighing 127kg.

10. Blue marlin trophy catches

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Owing to their long frames, this marine animal is very popular within the world of competitive fishing. The animal was even the muse behind Ernest Hemingway's famous novel, The Man and the Sea. While various shapes and sizes have been fished and paraded, one notable catch, weighing 635kg, took place off the coast of Vitoria, Brasil.

11. That's one helluva catfish!

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In a small lake in the North of Italy, a local fisherman caught a monster catfish. It weighed in at an incredible 156kg and measured 2.5 meters. 

12. Sturgeon- The most royal of catches

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The common name for the 27 species of fish belonging to the family Acipenseridae, their time on Earth can be traced back some 245 to 208 million years ago! Known for producing salt-cured fish eggs known popularly as caviar, the array of different species make sturgeon fascinating case studies. However, the species that we're going to focus on is that bad boy staring right back at you!

Deemed the most royal of catches by hardcore fishers, these prized assets are famed for growing all their life, meaning the length of their body can reach 6 meters and end up weighing 900kg. 

Despite this, fishing them is now banned, but photos before the ban can be found online, such as the one above. Caught in the Volga River (Europe's largest) in 1989, the fish was so big it needed the aid of a truck to transport it to the man's home.


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