Here's Why You Should Never Touch A Snake's Tail

OMG May 22, 2018 By Hugo

Alabama native Linda Munoz found out the hard way that evading a snake's personal space is never going to end well.

Capturing the extraordinary footage on a cell phone, Munoz reached out and touched the snake's tail only for it to attack her moments later in a moment that will surely make you flinch!

ViralHog/ Rumble

A resident of Cuba, Alabama, Munoz described the dangerous encounter to local press. 

"I had found a long snakeskin under the steps of my house in Cuba, Alabama, and I always keep anything like that to give to a friend who works for Auburn University's Environmental programs," she said. 

"A few days later, I was in the yard when Mr. Snake (a non-poisonous rat snake) came crawling by heading for our barn."

“I am always taking videos of nature to send to my two of which lives on Long Island, NY and the other in Portland, OR. That is the reason I said ‘This is going to be a good one’....I knew my kids would like it."

“I am a glass artist (mosaic and fused glass) and I won an award in February for ‘Best Environmental Community Project" given at the Environmental Educators Association of Alabama. My work with children involves creating mosaic benches and panels with environmental themes. I also have a mosaic installation in the United Nations' Worship Center in NYC. So, you can see, I have a real respect and love for all creatures, even the most feared in our midst!"

Thanfully, the snake only bit her phone, but it could have been a lot worse for the southern belle!

Watch the hair-raising moment below and let us know if you've had any similar encounters in the comments section.

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