Tom Hardy Punched Shia LaBeouf In The Face

OMG March 14, 2018 By Hugo

Since bursting onto our screens as a goofy, fuzzy-haired teen in Even Stevens, Shia LaBeouf has gone onto become one of the oddest, most misunderstood movie stars of our time, and his erratic behavior, which has ranged from wearing a paper bag over his head at the prestigious CannesFilm Festival to getting into fights in rowdy South London pubs, has no doubt riled many of his co-stars over the years- none more so than the British actor, Tom Hardy.

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According to Esquire, the Dunkirk star was punched by LaBeouf on the set of the 2012 prohibition-era movie Lawless following LaBeouf's decision to stay in character. "He dove headfirst into the deep end of character prep, blurring the line between acting and reality," Esquire's Eric Sullivan wrote.

"While filming Lawless, he drank moonshine by the gallon, carved a message from his character into the door of Mia Wasikowska's hotel room, and knocked out Tom Hardy."

Sullivan added that Lawless wasn't the only movie set where LaBeouf went full on method. "On the set of 2013's Charlie Countryman, he dropped acid and choked the director when he tried to break for lunch."

While you might presume that Hardy wanted nothing to do with the Transformers star following the altercation, Hardy had nothing but praise for his fellow thespian, "A performer is asked to do two things: to be disciplined and accountable, communicative and a pleasure to work with," Hardy said.

"And then, within a split second, they're asked to be a psychopath. Authentically.

"It takes a very strong human being to sustain a genuine sense of well-being through that baptism of fire. Drama is not known to attract stable types."

Would you tolerate working with an idiosyncratic person like LaBeouf? Or would he drive you mad?

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