Tinder User Comes Across Jonah Hill's Mom

LOL November 15, 2017 By Hugo

Jonah Hill's mom has been spotted on Tinder. 

Reddit user "savagesylvester" took a screenshot showing Sharon Hill putting her arms around her famous son Jonah, and daughter, Beanie.


At 47, Sharon, like most single mothers, was looking for love online and decided to try out Tinder, despite the app being more popular with younger users.

However, not only is Sharon a beautiful woman and talented costume designer, but she also appears to have her priorities right if her bio is anything to go by.

Gushing over her three children, Beanie, Jonah and Jordan, it read, "Proud Momma of 3 beautiful kids (Beanie, Jonah, & Jordan). My kids are my world. Love music, travelling, beach, & bike riding."

And she has every reason to be proud. As well as being the mom to the Academy Award-nominated actor, daughter Beanie has a film career of her own, appearing alongside Zac Efron in movies such as Bad Neighbours 2, while Jordan is a high-profile music manager, representing world famous acts including Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke. 

Captioning the post with a light dose of comedy, the sharp-eyed Reddit user wrote, "Guess Ima [sic] be Jonah Hill’s new dad?"

However, other users were quick to downplay the profile's authenticity, pointing out that such a photo could easily have been Googled, while others took a more cynical viewpoint, believing that if it were a real account, men would only be swiping right to get closer to her A-list son. 

Even so, it seems a bit odd that someone would go to all that trouble to pretend to be the mother of a famous person, and judging from the profile, it seems real enough to us.

Have you ever dated someone that was related to a famous person?

If so, dish the dirt and let us know in the comment section below! 

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