Tinder is Awful and Here are 10 Reasons Why

LOL September 6, 2017 By Hugo

Tinder has revolutionized how we engage with potential partners. People no longer need to go out to find 'The One'. All that's required is a dating app that gives you a plethora of options to judge people on how they look. Some do it on the toilet. Others do it in bed, and an alarmingly high amount do it every waking second of the day.

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But with more choice than ever, the dating app makes for a fascinating paradox. Are you engaging with more people? Or are you merely wasting your time talking to pixelated images when you could be out there meeting people just by saying 'hello.'

At OMG Lane, at least, we believe in the latter and here are ten reasons why. 

1. You are competing with hundreds/thousands of other matches 

For women, swiping right on Tinder will often result in a string of matches. But they probably won't have been swiped right for their intelligence or aesthetic beauty. Initially, the match will likely be the result of a guy swiping right with his flailing finger for hours on end without even looking at the profiles. Spreading your bets is the name of the male Tinder game, which isn't always how women view it. 

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Consequently, women are often left to sift through hundreds of messages from eager men. It can be exhausting and will make you question why you're even bothering.

As for guys that interest the average female user? Well, they may like that hot surfer named Jake, but the moment he gets a notification informing him of his new match called Candice who is 5'11" with blonde hair and razor cheekbones, they'll likely fall back down the queue. Harsh, but depressingly accurate.

2. Love won't come easy

If you imagine a Cinderella fairy tale, where Prince Charming sweeps you off your feet, then think again, ladies.

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In the world of Tinderella, men care more about showing you their private parts than they do getting to know you. And for the sweet/ less weird guys? Well, don't expect to find the next best thing to Emma Watson anytime soon.

3. You're wasting your time when you could be out there living 

Tinder is designed to be addictive. It's a simple model, but one which can fuel your ego and confidence with only a few bright notifications telling you "It's a Match!".  But like with anything good in life, those matches eventually serve as nothing other than reminders of a life unfulfilled and with something missing.

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So look up, instead. Delete Tinder and talk to someone you like. Remember, saying hello never hurt anyone. 

4. Many people you match with aren't even interested in meeting up

The idea of Tinder is to connect potential partners via the medium of a simple swipe and conversation.

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Sounds compelling, but in reality, it creates an insular society more used to engaging with one's smartphone than over a drink. 

5. It will make you shallow...

While appearance is important, it's not the be-all and end-all of a relationship. Many, however, find that by the end of a day's swiping, they are most inclined to talk to the most attractive matches as opposed to those with similar interests.


Shallow, but true.

6. Cynical...

The largest demographic of Tinder users are those in their 20s. At that age, you should feel happy, confident and open to meeting many new and exciting people.


Though while having the intention of preserving that truism, Tinder has made an entire generation despondent to the dating scene. After all, there's only so many sexually charged messages a woman can take.

As for the guys? Well, even if you're nice, women will think you're a creep just for being on Tinder. 

7. And even a douche

Tinder is a popular avenue of choice for those who have recently come out of relationships or in need of a confidence boost. And that's a good thing. You might even see it as practice to improve your confidence by going outside of your comfort zone.

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But after a while, if you become adept at dealing with the social conventions involved, you get a rush of confidence that can turn you into a jerk. You dismiss people without even getting to know them. You judge solely on looks. Worse, the keyboard warrior mentality encourages some to troll others so that they can get a sick kick out of being mean. 

8. You'll start to doubt the morality of the human race

When people immediately throw sexual innuendos into a conversation or use colloquial language such as 'doe' instead of 'though', you know you're living in an age where chivalry and romance are well and truly dead. 

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Or that could be your thing. But it probably isn't...

9. You'll often be left disappointed at never matching with the people you've 'super liked'

When Tinder recently introduced the 'Super Like' option, many thought the shiny blue star was a new hope. A bright, gleaming possibility that offered you the chance to be matched with the person of your dreams. The only thing is, these blue stars may as well be ecstasy tablets.

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You use them because you want to escape and imagine perfection.  Sure, you'll super like the hottest people you come across. But do they ever respond to your super like? Not often...

10. You have to pay for the service to be any good

Tinder was an excellent service in its earlier years. It was a fresh and exciting new app that many saw as enhancing an often daunting scene. But years later it's become saturated with desperate souls. Some yearn for love, and others fight against it by thanking Tinder for allowing them to continue the bachelor lifestyle with ease. Only, you have to pay for that privilege.

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The basic version is free but with a limited number of swipes the likelihood of getting many decreases.

In sum, delete the app, throw on your dancing shoes, and live in the real world. People exist there too, you know.....

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