15 Photos That Proved The Wind Is Not Our Friend

LOL July 4, 2018 By Hugo

In a perfect world, we would all live in countries with year-round sun and clear blue skies, but we can't all live in sun-splashed paradises so many of us put up with dreary, sullen weather for most months of the year and unfortunately, strong winds are no exception.


So sit back and prepared to feel super comfy in your wind-free homes as we bring you 15 photos of galeforce winds that utterly destroyed a human being's day.

1. The Wind: Pissing off farmers since.... sometime before farming was invented


The mighty vengeance of wind knows no bounds, with its all-powerful gust stopping at nothing in the pursuit of absolute agricultural destruction. Sorry farmers, but no amount of angry cows can save you.

2. School's out.... for winter?


School may always be out for summer, but it appears that the windy conditions have a mind of their own, a mind that doesn't want to learn!

Well, that's presuming school was cancelled. Knowing how strict most headteachers are, they probably deemed it safe and asked students to climb through the windows to class instead. I don't miss school at all. Not even a little bit.

3. Extreme windsurfing


There probably isn't a lot to do as a teenager except play Fortnite and convince store owners you're 21, so these kids thought up a somewhat novel way of passing the time in the blustery conditions. Clearly, we've been missing out on something thrilling.

4. Iced-in


The wind isn't nice to human beings, is it? Not only does it ruin our hair and push us over, but it also spawns slightly phallic shapes of ice.

5. How's it hanging?


First things first: how on Earth did, what appears to be a trampoline, get caught in the electricity wires? Oh yeah, that's right: the wind! Pick on someone your own size why don't you? Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton. Anyone, in fact. But leave trampolines out of it!

6. No petrol for you


Petrol stations can come in handy when you're feeling peckish on a long journey or more inevitably, happen to be running out of fuel; however, if the wind has its way, it seems you're pretty screwed. 

4. "Stand still for just one more second!"


Okay, this is way too cute! I mean just look at these fluffballs, waiting patiently for their owners to capture them in all their cuteness as the winds attempt to blow them back to the adorable doggy kingdom they came from. 


8. Stop!

YouTube/ CBS

When local weather women Holly Ellenbogen was assigned the task of reporting on the ferocious storm sweeping across town, little did she realise what lay ahead. Standing amidst the hurling winds, the storm seemingly had enough of her and signalled, quite literally, for her to stop.

But little did she know that it would knock her to the ground. That had to hurt!

9. Even trees suffer bad hair days


This tree sure suffered a hair mulfunction, and the culprit is in plain sight. We don't know what you have against mother nature, Mr Wind, but leave our trees alone!

10. "Give it back!"


What is it with strong winds and trampolines? They must hate each other. Either that or they hate the kids who perpetually jump up and down on them like their life depended on it.

11. The end is nigh


Wind can do many things. It can make your farts smell worse. It can lift a women's skirt and embarrass her forever. And in some cases, it can also destroy your front patio. Wind. what is it good for? Absolutely nothing; that's what.

12. Poor car!


We can't seem to work out if the wind likes anyone! Satin perhaps? Maybe Hitler? Because all it seems to do is piss people off, and that includes car owners! Let's just be thankful the fire hydrant hit a car light and not a human! 

13. Let the wind be with you


Does this guy have the Force? It appears so. He's a modern-day Jedi! Well, a Jedi who had a little help from the wind. But still, I know a Jedi when I see one. Trust me. I'm one myself. 

14. The wind: A woman's worst enemy


Men don't suffer as much in the hair department when its windy because women's hair is incredibly long and contains layers of products, while men pretty much wake up with what they have and rock it for all it's worth. 

So next time there's a tornado, don't be surprised if your girlfriend is more concerned with having their hair ruined than seeing your home fall to pieces.

15. I'm flying without wings


While it may look incredibly exhilarating, it's probably not the best idea to take your child kitesurfing when the winds are strong enough to lift a child into the air and never let him return! But, hey, the photo is frickin' hilarious so that's one good thing of this near-tragedy. 

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