A Throwback To The Time A Man Was Arrested For Looking Like Messi

LOL March 28, 2018 By Hugo

We've written about some pretty strange things on this website, but few stories have come close to matching the time we wrote about an Iranian student who was arrested for looking like the soccer megastar, Lionel Messi!


Reza Parastesh, a 25-year-old from the Iranian capital Tehran, was just your everyday kind of guy. He didn't have the voice of Adele. Nor the acting chops of Brad Pitt. And he certainly doesn't look like George Clooney. 

YouTube/ Ruptly

What he did possess, however, was an uncanny physical resemblance to the Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi. 

His appearance, which consisted of a manicured beard and a short back and sides haircut, was almost identical to Messi's facial hair (as evidenced by the real Messi in the first photo), and people were quick to take notice. But his talent soon got him into a lot of trouble. 

Parastesh, who is studying in the Iranian capital, decided one day (as you do) to adopt a similar grooming routine to his idol's by trimming his hair and beard accordingly with Messi's. And after donning a Barcelona shirt, with the star's iconic name and number on the back, you really could imagine Reza walking onto the Camp Nou on matchday and spectators being none the wiser!

Living thousands of miles away from the stadium, that intriguing possibility wasn't feasible, but the student was more than willing to test the reactions of the city's locals by walking up and down a busy street.

YouTube/ Fumble

Sure enough, soccer-mad fans swarmed around him, with the baying chants of the Argentinian's name ringing in his ears and people were more than happy to pose with what they thought was the real deal.

It was certainly a real insight into the lifestyle of someone as famous as Messi, but the fun Reza was having was put to a halt when a team of police impounded his car and took him to the station!

The arrest was made for disturbing public order, but the 'Persian Messi'- as journalists have since dubbed him- was later released, and following extensive media coverage, lucrative endorsements- including modelling contracts- were reportedly offered.

What the actual Lionel Messi made of the whole thing would be interesting to know. He probably laughed his head off because he now knows who to call when his wife is doing his head in!

Have you ever come into contact with your very own doppelganger?

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