This Stray Was In A Bad Way But When He Got To The Vet's It Was A Different Story

OMG December 4, 2017 By Vincent

When a stray dog was found in a terrible condition, vets feared the worst as the poor pup was brought into them for some urgent treatment.

No one knew who the animal belonged to and how it had got itself into such a state but it was clear it needed some much-needed TLC.

In such a terrible condition when it came in, vets assumed the animal was a stray as he was covered in injuries and clearly had some health issues.

But as they started to treat the animal and look into its past, things became clearer.

Emaciated and alone, the dog was in a terrible state and Dr. Dee instantly set about treating the poor animal.

Found wandering around by himself, it was vital he be taken to the clinic.

"Yesterday, someone found a dog roaming in their yard, running loose,” Dee said to Animal Planet.

His injuries also suggested that he had recently been hit by a car as well.

These combined issues suggested that the dog had been abandoned on the street to wander alone.

What's worse is that he had quite clearly been attacked recently as well. 

It wasn't human attackers that had scratched up the dog though but rather other canines.

The person who had found the dog was alerted to its presence when their Chihuahuas started to attack it for being on their property.

"He has some scratches on his face,” Dee revealed in the video.

“Somebody found him [and] their two Chihuahuas were trying to beat him up, so I don’t think he’s too ferocious, for sure.”

However, after some initial treatment, it was soon found that the dog was called 'Baby' and did, in fact, have an owner.

After getting in contact with them, they headed down to the clinic to come and see their dog.

The condition the dog had been found in meant that animal control had to investigate the conditions he had been living in.

“[They] have verified that this dog comes from a good home,” Dee revealed to Animal Planet.

The dog's owner was a woman called Cynthia who had him from a puppy.

Baby had run away and gotten into a few scrapes along the way by the looks of things.

“He was a puppy when I met him,” said Cynthia

"He’s always been by my side, so him going missing was hard."

Cynthia had been looking for Baby frantically, searching nearby neighborhoods and launching her own search campaign via social media to no avail.

Naturally, she was hugely relieved to be called by the vets.

“We didn’t know what was going on with him yesterday… so we did some blood work on him to make sure he’s okay,” Dee told Cynthia.

“He has a really elevated white blood cell count. But I could tell… that he has lots of other things going on with his skin.”

Grateful for the advice, Cynthia listened to Dee talk about treatment options as Baby lept on her showering her with kisses.

It was clear there was a bond there.

“There’s a lot of mysteries to him that could be causing what’s going on,” Dee added to Cynthia.

However, she did have some kind of an idea as to what the issue might be.

“I suspect the reason he’s so skinny and his skin looks so terrible is that Baby has food allergies that are not under control,”

Dee prescribed some immediate medication and Cynthia would continue to work on Baby's health.

 “I could tell right off the bat, she’s a loving mom,” Dee told Animal Planet.

“After hearing the story of what they’ve been through, the frustration, you can tell she’s just totally as frustrated as the dog,” Dee added.

Cynthia was just glad to have her friend back saying,  “I’m just really excited that he’s going to come home and that we can help his skin condition and stomach issues.” 

A full video of the pair being reunited can be found here.

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