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This Smiling Gecko Will Help You Through Your Day

LOL December 8, 2017 By Hugo

Is there anything more cathartic than going online and stumbling across a smiling gecko? I've come to the realization that there probably isn't because every time I look at this adorable reptile, I find myself grinning like an absolute idiot.

Instagram/ 589_tomo

Pictured by its owner with a toy gecko, the real creature looks none-the-wiser to its authenticity and hasn't stopped smiling since being introduced to his new friend. 

Now ardent BBFs, the media has had a field day over this story ever since YouTuber Taylor Nicole Dean picked up on the Instagram photos and shared them with her 73k Twitter followers. 

Instagram/ 589_tomo

We don't know about you, but if reincarnation exists, I want to be a gecko with just a toy for company. 

If you can be that happy with a fricking toy then you're set for life, right?!

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