This Bulldog Watching A Horror Movie Is All Of Us!

LOL December 20, 2017 By Hugo

Scary movies have always been popular because they tap into one's innate curiosity to see humanity at its very worst and I absolutely love them, but I think this crazy-ass bulldog has bettered my love for horror flicks.

YouTube/Elvis and Khaleesi

Already hitting up a crazy amount of views online, Khaleesi the bulldog appears thoroughly engrossed in the movie and is caught barking at the screen whenever a kid seems to be in danger which makes us want to awwww out loud just like I've done (sorry co-worker). 

Anyway, the video is comedy gold, and OMG Lane can't thank the owner enough for filming their lovable mutt's bizarre actions. 

YouTube/Elvis and Khaleesi

What's your favorite horror flick? And are your reactions as vocal as Khaleesi's? Or are you just a big wuss that can't handle anything above a PG13?

Let us know in the comments section and enjoy the video in its entirety by clicking here.

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