This Abandoned Kitten Had No Hope of Survival Until A Good Samaritan Stepped In

OMG December 19, 2017 By Vincent

Rejected by its mother, scrawny and underfed, this poor little kitten didn't really have much hope in life. Most would avoid picking up a runt of a litter knowing that it probably wouldn't last long unless the veterinary costs were covered, but when Alan came across the undernourished cat, he knew what he had to do- an act of kindness that would restore the Internet's faith in humanity.


Rejected by her mother this poor kitten was the runt of the litter, smaller than its siblings and so rejected by its mother that focused its attention and gave milk to the bigger, stronger kittens to ensure better prospects of survival.

Nature can be cruel, and this is an example of survival of the fittest, but that didn't stop Alan trying to do something for the ailing kitten.

A minuscule yet beautiful calico cat, it was barely the size of his foot, and he took it in and began to care for it like he were its mother.

Taking to imgur to document his time with the cat, many users were worried about its health.

One user commented, “I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t have been taken from her mother yet, If I were you I’d take her to a vet to be sure about it."

Another said: "Where is the mother? Kittens Need to be socialized, etc. Whats up?"

Alan had to explain that he got the cat from a student who could no longer look after her.

He also pointed out that the mother had rejected her and so there was no way to keep her with the mother.

Undeterred by the issues with the cat, Alan was obviously smitten with his kitten.

With gorgeous blue eyes, the animal was certainly striking in appearance.

Alan likened the kitten to the character Sansa Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones, played by English actress Sophie Turner due to her small stature and large blue eyes.

Alan explained, “I was impressed… when Sansa [was] crying with big blue eyes… The cat also has blue eyes, so she is Sansa.”

Being a Calico cat, she also had ginger patches that matched her namesake's fiery red hair but was far scruffier than the royal character she shared a title with.

Alan said this was because the kitten was just too small and fragile to bathe at this stage.

Alan gave Sansa all the love, care and attention he could but admitted he wasn't the most forward thinking when it came to taking on the cat.

“Frankly speaking, I didn’t prepare all the things she needed,” he admitted. 

However, Alan soon learned what he needed and also had the imgur community rally around him.

imgur/alanzgweb Everyone was desperate to see this cat do well and Alan was grateful for any advice.

Soon imgur users were lavishing praise on the tiny cat as she grew fitter and stronger with each passing day.

One commented, “Ahhh she’s adorable!!! Props to you for taking care of her, I heard young ones are a lot of work!” 

The kitten soon became the apple of Alan's eye and started to become a little spoiled with all the treats lavished on her.

She loved eggs when Alan didn't have any kitten formula, and she had plenty of toys to keep her occupied.

But, like most cats, Sansa found perhaps more entertainment in the cardboard boxes that her luxury items came in rather than the products themselves.

Soon she developed a love for play and an adventurous nature.

Most young cats would play fight with their siblings, wrestling them as a form of socialization and development but without any Sansa had to do with Alan's hand.

A feisty character, things could become quite rough.

But another visible change started to happen to Sansa as her characteristic blue eyes started to turn green.

When the kittens grow, their bodies produce more melanin, which usually causes an eye color change as the cat matures.

Sansa was now also old enough for her first bath and had a cat's natural aversion to water.

But Alan said the cat was soon back to her usual self afterwards.

Now a gorgeous, healthy and well looked after cat, Sansa has become the queen she deserves to be.

What a wonderful bond the pair have.

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