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15 Things You Never Knew About Ronda Rousey

FUN FACTS January 5, 2017 By Hugo

It wasn't long ago women were struggling for the right to vote, yet nowadays you have distinguished female athletes like Ronda Rousey literally kicking ass and making millions for doing so.

To many fans, and of that there are many (she has over 3m followers on Twitter alone) she's the living epitome of a star. She's outrageously talented, pretty, and unafraid to start an online feud with the priggish hitmaker Justin Bieber; the latter of which was always bound to garner the athlete a burgeoning number of fans.


Admittedly, the American, who was the third most Googled name in 2015, hasn't had the best of luck in recent years, with her last two fights magnanimously ending in defeat. However Rousey has already cemented herself in the history books, so with that said, we thought we'd chronicle 15 things you probably didn't know about the all-conquering athlete.

1. She endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election 

Millions of young Americans were 'feeling the Bern' during one of the most hotly contested presidential elections in recent memory, and Ronda Rousey was no exception.


In an interview with Maxim, the athlete expressed a disillusionment towards Washington due to the amount of corporate money donated to the leading candidates but after listening to Bernie's more socialist rhetoric, she admitted that she would sway from voting for a third party like she had done in the past if he went on to get elected by the DNC. 

“I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because he doesn’t take any corporate money,” the 29-year-old admitted. “I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.”

2. She was a moderator for an online Pokemon forum during her teens

It seems everyone below the age of 30 loves Pokemon and with the proliferation of video games, merchandise, and apps that spawned from the trading card game, that's hardly surprising. But only the most hardcore of fans could match Rousey's dedication to the game when in her teens.

Admitting that she was once a Pokemon moderator for an online internet forum, the star has also trained in a Pikachu outfit. 

3. She used Tinder

Most men reading this will probably be grinning from ear-to-ear at the thought of Rousey once being on the popular dating app, especially when once considers that, unlike men, having sex before a fight for women serves as an advantage and increases their testosterone.


However, lamenting her fame, the athlete, who even changed her name on the app to Brynn, was spotted instantly so decided to delete the app.

4. She rose to fame as an Olympic medalist

Before UFC opened it's doors to professional female fighters in 2012; Ronda Rousey was a judo champion and her talents in the sport reached their peak at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


Winning bronze, Rousey became the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in the sport.

5. She didn't speak until she was 6 years-old

Ronda Rousey was a late developer in the speech department, which is surprising as few would ever accuse the brazen athlete of being laconic or shy. 


The impediment in her speech came about at birth due to her umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck at birth. In turn, the oxygen needed for her brain was disabled, and it wasn't until intensive sessions that Rousey eventually managed to speak.

6. Her mother was a world Judo champion 

It's hard to imagine the Rousey name being synonymous with anyone but the famous UFC star, but it wasn't always that way. 


In fact, Ronda's judo career followed in the footstep's of her mother, AnnMaria De Mars, who won gold at the 1984 World Judo Championships. Ever a support system for her daughter, De Mars recently expressed her concern over Ronda's involvement in UFC in the wake of her second successive defeat, and instead wished she focused on other talents, such as writing and acting.

7. Her dieting regime once consisted of only one meal a day

Athletes are notoriously strict when it comes to the food they put in their bodies, but in Ronda's case, she once stuck to a diet which allowed her to eat whatever she wanted- providing it was only consumed once a day! 


This regimented diet, which Rousey no longer adheres to, was nonetheless a driving force in her earlier days, with the fighter claiming that hunger drove her to train harder.

8. She is a keen World of Warcraft player

When UFC cameras were promoting the build up to one of her fights at her house, they quickly discovered Ronda playing one of her favourite games, World of Warcraft.


The popular online role-playing game has millions of users worldwide, but Ronda is arguably its most famous player.

9. Her mother used to wake her up in the middle of the night 

It's rare to read about a parent waking their child up in the middle of the night as opposed to the early morning, but Ronda's childhood wasn't like most, and instead of being pressured to go to school and get good grades, Ronda's mother would wake her up late and practice judo.


Locking her daughter in a headlock, Ronda wasn't allowed back to bed until she escaped her mother's clutches!

10. Ronda's mother calls all her boyfriends 'Bob'

When you're dating Ronda Rousey, you'd think the fear of getting on the wrong side of a UFC fighter would be another of an incentive to stay loyal and do nothing naughty.


However, when your cage-fighting girlfriend's mother happens to be an ex-judo champion who refuses to call her boyfriend's anything but 'Bob' because they rarely ever stay so remembering their actual names would be pointless, you can be sure that winning over the megastar and her mother won't be easy. Currently, Rousey is dating fellow UFC fighter, Travis Browne.

11. Her father committed suicide when she was only 8-years-old 

Speaking after her shock loss to Holly Holm in what would be her first defeat in the sport, Rousey candidly confessed on the Ellen De Generes show that she contemplated suicide due to believing she was nothing without continued success in the sport. In an interview that stunned millions, Rousey later revealed that suicide runs in her family, with both her father and grandfather taking their lives.


Not only was this a brave admission, but it also proved that having such feelings shouldn't hold a taboo or stigma, something Rousey re-iterated when a TMZ reporter stopped her in a car parking lot.

"It's something that real people are going through, not, like, a weakness that we should condemn," she passionately said. 

12. She initially wanted to be a marine biologist

According to her mother, an infant Ronda was fascinated by sea life and would regularly sketch dolphins on almost anything she could which soon spawned an interest in marine biology. Rousey even painted a mural in her childhood bedroom full of aquatic animals.


Of course, Ronda's passion for her mother's past sporting prowess in the field of judo eventually took over, but she still maintains an avid interest in the field.

13. Paper cuts hurt her the most

It's unusual to think that anything hurts Rousey, especially when you consider that she's spent the majority of her life coming to blows with athletes intent on putting her down.


Still, everyone has their definition of pain, and in the UFC star's case, it appears paper cuts are what truly hurt the most. Speaking to Maxim, the 29-year-old said, " I got a paper cut the other day, and I had chills for, like, an hour. I hate paper cuts. Talking about it right now makes me uneasy."

14. After the Beijing Olympics, she worked in a gym

Following her bronze medal success in Beijing, Ronda Rousey quit judo to embark on a mixed martial arts career though was jobless for long stretches and had to find any work she could. Describing the plight many Olympians face, Rousey said, "“There’s nothing put in place for Olympians after they're done. They give you a couple grand, a handshake and they kick your a** out the door.”


Doing various odd jobs which included work as a cocktail waitress near her rented apartment in Venice Beach, Rousey found more steady employment working night shifts at a 24 Hour Fitness gym for almost two years before fighting full-time in 2010 as an amateur mixed martial artist. 

In 2012, UFC invited Ronda to become their first professional female fighter.

15. You don't want to be around her two weeks before a fight

Fighters are unique individuals who undergo brutal training regimes so it's not surprising that Ronda Rousey sounds like a nightmare to be around in the build up to a big fight.


Her friends who know her best have even described her mood swings in the last two weeks before a fight as "two-week-itis" which is probably why she looks so calm and composed in the ring as she's already taken out her nerves on those around her!

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