10 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Hopeless Romantic

LOL August 10, 2017 By Hugo

Many have long thought that romance is dead, with apps like Tinder assuring you that it's alright to have multiple partners on the go, but there's always going to be those who long for the real deal. In other words, they want the old-fashioned romance. The Nicholas Sparks fairy tale. The Romeo & Juliet intensity. But life isn't like a sappy romance movie or age-old play.


In the modern-day world, love isn't the emotion that drives everyone, and there's a strong case for that being a good thing because life is full of choices and opportunities and if that also extends to the dating world that that's not a bad thing.

However, loads still pine for the ideal relationship, so we've listed ten traits commonly associated with the doomed life of a hopeless romantic.

1. They refuse to listen to their friends if they have anything negative to say about their relationship/love interest 

This is something that proves problematic to most people blinded by love, especially if it isn't the right kind of love because how can they know if they're being run over? Well, more often than not, those blinded by love are hopeless romantics, even if the person they're dating isn't particularly kind. 

So they keep on going with the relationship until they get cheated on and lament everyone when in reality they just have horrible taste in partners.

2. They will drop everything to be with that person

William Shakespeare told us that when in love, it is better to "Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall.” Still, even the most famed wordsmith of all time can't seem to convince hopeless romantics of this, because rushing into love is a trait synonymous with romantic idealists.

It could be a matter of weeks and already, the feeling of love crops into their heads. There's no set time for falling in love, but as the author who penned the most famous love story of all suggests,  proceeding with caution usually leads to a better outcome for both parties.

3. They spend way too much money

We're not talking about offering to pay for lunch or dinner every once in a while. No, a hopeless romantic will be frivolous and pay for flights to holiday destinations, trips to museums, guided tours to a part of town that isn't even interesting. It's relentless, and after a while, their love interest can feel overwhelmed by the warm generosity. That or they seize on this and take such kindness for weakness.


It's  a sad state of affairs that money has a strong impact on the dynamics of a relationship which is why it's safer in the earlier stages of the relationship to split the bills.

4. They believe everything Nicholas Sparks tells them even if that means dying of cancer 

Nothing gets the watergates running quite like a Nicholas Sparks story, and whether it's via his very own words or by watching one of the many movie adaptations of his books, those predisposed to romantic love are bound to wish they had a relationship as idyllic as two beautiful white people living in a coastal town in North Carolina.

Yes, believe it or not, hopeless romantics dig that, even if it means that their partner will probably develop cancer and die.

5. They feel sad when a celebrity couple breaks up

The amorous displays of affection you see the likes of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid bestow on one another fuels the whole Hollywood machine in a nutshell, with regular Joes and Joeanas wanting a slice of a more exciting kind of love. 

Yet most of us can see through this facade and realise that even Chris Pratt and Anna Faris aren't immune to getting a divorce. But the hopeless romantic will no doubt point to the Beckhams and believe true love will always triumph and be everlasting.

6. They deliberately listen to sad love songs even when single AF

How many of us enjoy a good old weepy ballad every once in a while? Most of us, that's who, because like the British rapper Stormzy told us in his recently-released album, 'You're never too cool for Adele.' However, the chimerical take these songs to a whole other level.

Rather than listen to a sad love song, they'll have many on repeat all day, and rejoice in the rollercoaster emotions the lyrics bring even if they're single and alone.

7. They get jealous when seeing happy couples in public

Do you ever feel a burning sense of jealousy when a couple sitting opposite you have their hands entwined?


Well, if you do, not only are you the green-eyed monster, you're also destined to die a hopeless romantic.

8. They wear their heart on their sleeve 

This goes without saying, but as it's so obvious, it's worth reminding all you hopeless romantics that the reason you're hurt all the time is that you don't have any guard and reveal everything on that sleeve of yours.

And that's okay if you think the person you're trying to impress is into honesty and romance, but more often than not people are put off by overt displays of affection leaving the high-flown picking up the pieces as yet another possible marriage partner turns them away.

9. When they make eye contact with a hot stranger, they imagine their life with them

Let's be honest: most of us do this because if you happen to live in a big city, you'll come across at least one person who looks like a reincarnation of a Greek god or goddess. 

Yet most of us won't imagine our lives with them. If anything, the first thought that comes into most heads is how hot they are, but a nice look from a passing stranger just isn't enough for romantically inclined human beings. They want IT ALL. 

10. They get enjoyment from always surprising their partner 

For those who make ardent displays of affection their priority in relationships- especially new ones- every day presents a new opportunity for doing something special for their partner- no matter how quixotic it may be. This could mean surprising them with breakfast in bed or buying them a handcrafted necklace or if they have a bit of money in the bank, taking them to The Maldives at a moment's notice.

Whatever it is, chances are it's ridiculously over-the-top and saccharine, but for those old school romantics, they don't care.

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