10 Things That Will Happen When You Move In With Your Partner

LOL August 16, 2017 By Hugo

If you're reading this article, there's a high chance you've found love. It feels good, right? And after years of failed dates, and hours petting your morbidly obese cat, you've finally found someone who understands your weird self; so much so that you've agreed to move in together.


But before you nestle into your new abode, it's important to bear in mind the realities that will come from living with your partner. Here are ten of them.

1. You'll argue over what to watch....

It seems TV  time is essential for us humans. There's something about pixelated images travelling through our eyes that make us feel warm and entertained. It's a time to unwind and be happy.

But things aren't always like that when you're watching TV with your partner. America's Next Top Model, might, for example, have far more importance than Monday Night Football. So be prepared to compromise. After all, all great love requires sacrifice, right?

2. You'll disagree about trivial problems like what pasta sauce goes best with Italian tagliatelle

Food preferences are important. A bad meal after a hard day's work isn't what you want, but if you're living with someone you love, and they just happen to cook a dish you dislike, then tough- you're going to have to tell them.

Just don't be surprised when your partner gets offended and swears never to cook for you again.

3. Bathroom time will be limited 

Bathrooms are sacred places where we want to be alone. No one likes to be disturbed but if your working hours are aligned, and you're both in a rush, then forget that long hot shower or peaceful moments on the toilet.

After a while, the bathroom door becomes an open door policy.

4. Sharing the same bed will no doubt leave you fighting

There's always one sheet hugger. It can be infuriating and leave the victim with little warmth or cover. So don't be surprised if you find yourself arguing over the issue in the middle of the night.

Who said relationships were easy, eh?

5. One of you will breakdown over the state of the house

Keeping a house clean is a full-time job and requires you to stay on top of things. Dusting, washing up, hoovering, changing the sheets, washing the clothes

It can be exhausting, and if one of you isn't pulling your weight, then expect the other to cry out at the ungodly mess you call home.

6. Your appearance won't be as important

While it's important to preserve a bit of mystery in a relationship, living with your partner will no doubt leave you seeing them in a different light.

In fact, for most of the time, you'll probably see each other in an oversized jumper and sweatpants as you gorge yourself silly on yet another tub of Ben & Jerry's. The funny thing is, you'll probably find them more attractive.

7. Their habits will annoy the hell out of you

From picking one another's nose to leaving the toilet seat up or even farting, these habits can at first seem endearing. Perhaps you might even find it cute.

But after a while, you'll detest them and eventually spend a weekend with your mother wondering why you ever thought living together was a good idea.

8. The chores become a rock/paper/scissors contest

Does the toilet need cleaning? Do the bins need changing? Are your floors full of pizza crumbs and crumpled packaging?

Well unless you know the cleaning fairy, chances are one of you will have to do something. The only question is who?

9. Watching your favourite show without them becomes a cardinal sin

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire. There are many excellent shows out there, but dare watch one by yourself, and you might as well disappear for a weekend.

TV viewing time is necessary to bond as a couple. If you're not in the same room as them to see it, then expect all hell to break loose.

10. Living under the same roof will slowly drive you mad, but you'll fall in love a little more each day

Sharing is caring, but after a while, you'll argue often. But that won't matter. It will become an outpouring of your passion instead of any form of bitterness.

Best of all, you'll find them becoming a family member, and before you know it, you'll be compelled to put a ring on it. Unless of course, you break up and swear never to be in proximity to each other ever again.

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