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These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected

LOL August 5, 2016 By Vincent

Photos are all about capturing that perfect moment...

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Hilariously funny. Painfully excruciating. These photos have it all and for some, you may just find it all too much. After all, no one wants to die from a laughing fit, but if you had to choose your moment, who wouldn't want to spend it on TheCelebrity Lane as you witness some of the most bizarre moments ever caught on camera? Don't say you haven't been warned.....

Holidays Are About Letting Loose

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"Tourist's Ain't So Bad After All...."

Source: Image Credits: Adde Adesokan

"Something Smells Funny."

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That Sausage Finished Quickly....

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The Wind: Man's Best Friend

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"Not Now!"

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"Oh No She didn't!" Oh Yes She Did!

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"I'm Flying Without Eyes."

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Unexpected Waves

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"All Wind's Are Jerks."

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Some Say He's Still Missing....

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When You're Drinking Too Much....

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Always Leave Yourself Time To Go Before Performing....

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She Would Never Smile Again....

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"The Suspects Have been Identified."

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"I Sense A Carrot...."

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"Fulfil My Fantasy." 

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Orly Levy


Before going into politics and serving as a member of the Knesset (Israel's parliament), Orly Levy, who has a degree in law, worked as a model and television host and because of her glamorous past and clear-to-see beauty, other politicians couldn't help but stare at her her, especially when you consider that she also happened to be the daughter of the former Foreign Affairs Minister, David Levy. For some reason, camera would also pick her out during hearings and debates.

They Grow So Fast! 

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Man Is No Longer Earth's Dominant Species


Sometimes The Sky Really Is The Limit.....

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"Dinner for two?"

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"So are we exclusive?"

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Granny slaying

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"I ain't no bull!"

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Some say The Brewers signed her up straight after witnessing her skills....

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Why Are They Cheering?

Tania Cagnotto is an incredibly talented Italian diver who has won gold medals at the FINA world championships as well as silver and bronze at two Olympics but it was only after she had done a raunchy shoot for Playboy Italy in 2013, that she became a household name in her native country. 


But why were the crowd cheering at the event she is pictured in above? Well, following a disappointing dive, the crowd loudly cheered and chanted her name, with Cagnotto unaware that it was because of the recent release of her Playboy photos as opposed to it being an ironic applause at what was a poor dive.

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