The Worst Ever Accents In TV & Film!

LOL February 12, 2018 By Hugo

Actors in Hollywood get paid ridiculous amounts of money to partake in high-class make-believe, and for the best, it really is as simple as learning lines and performing them on stage or behind a camera. However, when it comes to nailing certain accents, even the best sometimes come undone.

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In fact, some of these accents were so bad you wonder if they even listened to their dialect coach! Here are some cringe-worthy examples. 

1. Brad Pitt- 7 Years In Tibet

Brad Pitt's acting talents are often overlooked because most people associate Pitt with his good looks, but people forget that he's starred in some of cinema's greatest movies over the years, including David Fincher's Fight Club.


However, one film the stud probably isn't too proud of is 7 Years In Tibet. Tasked with pulling off an Austrian accent, Pitt failed on all levels, and having to watch him stumble through a feature film with a quasi-German accent is painful to observe.

2. Nicolas Cage- Captain Corelli's Mandolin

The Hollywood adaptation of the internationally best-selling novel of the same name didn't quite live up to the hype, and a large part of the film's criticism was levied against Nicolas Cage's inability to pull off an Italian accent.

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Still, given that his name is actually Nicolas Coppola, due to being the nephew of the famed director Francis Ford-Coppola, you'd have been forgiven for believing he could have pulled it off. Unfortunately, the two-time Academy Award winner failed miserably. 

3. Julia Roberts- Mary Reilly

Julia Roberts is America's sweetheart, but even acting royalty isn't exempt from criticism. Tasked with mastering an Irish accent in a reimagining of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, Roberts's performance was so bad it was almost comical.


After all, the viewers can only take so many "ayes" before they burst out laughing.

4. Charlie Hunnam- Green Street

For those unaware of the toxic masculinity ubiquitous to British soccer fans, then you probably haven't heard of the movie Green Street, a film which depicted two rival, East-End hooligan groups in the early 00s. 

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Oddly, the film was led by the Lord of the Ring's actor Elijah Wood which was a funny sight in itself, and the laughter only ensued when the Northern English actor Charlie Hunnam attempted to play a cockney soccer fan.

5. Cameron Diaz- Gangs of New York

If we're being honest, Cameron Diaz's career has been pretty hit-and-miss in recent years, and it's little wonder she's not in any decent movies nowadays. Yet even when she was, her performances often faltered.

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Just take her most prominent role to date in Martin Scorcese's Gangs of New York. Whether she was supposed to sound like a native New Yorker is unclear, but it's highly unlikely Cameron's West Coast accent would have been heard in 1800s New York.

6. Angelina Jolie- Alexander

While the characters in Alexander were never expected to master ancient Greek, Jolie was still required to speak in a Greek accent though it was tinted with phonetic Russian, and ultimately made her sound like one of James Bond's arch nemesis. 


And with Colin Farrell, who played Alexander, keeping his Irish accent, Jolie's accent choice was quite unusual.

7. Jon Voight- Anaconda

Jon Voight's accent in Anaconda is so absurd it floats from French to Spanish throughout the film, leaving us to wonder whether Voight suffers from a rare condition called Foreign accent syndrome.

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The father of Angelina Jolie, it appears being terrible at mastering accents runs in the family. 

8. Kevin Costner- Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

While it's relatively common for British actors to put on American accents considering that most Hollywood scripts involve American characters, American actor Kevin Costner didn't even bother changing his accent when the roles were reversed. 

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In a bizarre decision, Costner's vigilante character Robin Hood derives from Nottingham, England, yet for the whole movie, Costner acts in his husky American voice. Talk about dedication to the craft. 

9. Harrison Ford- K-19: The Widowmaker

One of America's greatest action heroes performed a Russian accent in the film K-19: The Widowmaker, but it didn't exactly go to plan.

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Usually cool and composed in any role he takes on, Ford's attempts at a Russian accent fell woefully short.

10. Tom Cruise- Far And Away

The Irish accent seems a tough one to master, which Tom Cruise discovered when embarrassing himself alongside ex-wife Nicole Kidman in the romantic drama Far And Away.

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Still, it was a fair attempt and wasn't nearly as bad as Charlie Hunnam's cockney accent in Green Street.

11. Dick Van Dyke- Mary Poppins

Before Charlie Hunnam came along, Dick Van Dyke's iconic performance in Mary Poppins set the gold standard for bad movie accents. 


While extraordinarily gifted, the Hollywood great couldn't pull off a cockney accent even if his life depended on it, but with the movie being such a classic, Van Dyke's performance is more celebrated than mocked.

12. Don Cheadle- Ocean's Eleven series

From one bad cockney accent to another, Don Cheadle may be an Academy Award-winning actor, but his woeful London accent in the all-star Ocean's Eleven series was a crime in lousy acting.

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That said, the bomb expert's unnecessary accent did offer viewers some comic moments in an otherwise dull franchise.

13. Demi Moore- Flawless

Demi Moore isn't a bad actress (though she's not particularly a good one, either), but her weak imitation of a British accent was apparent when she starred alongside Michael Caine in Flawless.

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In fairness, Caine is British, so Moore's accent was probably more scrutinized than it would have been if her co-star was American. 

14. Julianne Moore- 30 Rock

Julianne More is often considered one of the country's leading actresses, but she came under rare criticism when she appeared on 30 Rock sporting a weird Bostonian accent.


Viewers weren't buying it, however, and Moore's acting credentials took a rare hit because of it. 

15. Mickey Rooney- Breakfast at Tiffany's

Not only was Mickey Rooney's prosthetics, in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany's incredibly racist, but his accent also sounded nowhere near Asian!


Still, Rooney's career has been stellar, but he must surely look back on that performance and curl his toes with embarrassment. 


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