The Weeknd Pictured Holding Hands With Justin Beiber's Ex

LOL November 13, 2017 By Hugo

In case you've been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you're probably aware that pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together following the breakdown of Gomez's 10-month relationship with The Weeknd, but it appears the RNB superstar has added another twist to this story by hooking up with Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend, Yovanna Ventura.

The in-demand fashion model was pictured holding hands with the Starboy hitmaker at French Montanna's birthday party before squeezing into the back of his chauffeur-driven Bentley on Friday.

Shutterstock/ Christian Bertrand

While the news would suggest that the recently-single artist is moving on from Gomez, sources revealed to US Weekly that The Weeknd- real name Abel Tesfaye- is in no rush to enter another relationship and is instead content with having fun.

However, the story has blown up in recent days because the girl in question happened to have dated Justin Bieber back in 2015.

And while the breakup between Selena and The Weeknd was thought to have been instigated by Justin's increased interest in Gomez following her kidney transplant, it appears The Weeknd was the one that ended things because of touring conflicts despite another inside source revealing to US Weekly that while he " “trusted Selena,” he “really didn’t trust Justin.”

What are your thoughts? Have Selena Gomez and The Weeknd moved on too quickly? Or is it reasonable to look for love and affection as soon as a relationship is over?

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