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The Swiss Just Invented A New Type of Chocolate & We Are Totally Here For It!

OMG September 7, 2017 By Vincent

Name all the different types of chocolate. If you said dark, milk and white you'd be 3/4 correct but now, apparently, Swiss chocolate firm Barry Callebaut has announced they have created a fourth type of chocolate, the first new kind in nearly 80 years since white chocolate was introduced in the 1930s, which is referred to as ruby chocolate due to its naturally pink hue.

Created using flavorings from the cocoa bean itself, the flavor is entirely natural and thus has no added ingredients to make it fruitier and the confectionery giant has described the taste as “berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”.

Hans Geel/Shutterstock.com

Despite the excitement around the announcement of this new chocolate, some industry experts remain skeptical as information about the processing techniques to get such a product remain thin on the ground. However, some people have managed to get their hands, or more importantly their tongues, on the sweet treat with industry expert Angus Kennedy calling it, "very different and clever stuff. It’s refreshing and has a light, creamy texture."

“It tastes so light and fruity you don't really realize you're gobbling up one chocolate the other, so it means consumers will be able to eat more of it than other types of conventional chocolate. Whether this a good or bad thing depends on your point of view.”

However, some have also pointed out that such an announcement was made a few years back by a French company but it turned out it was just a marketing ploy and their product was a mixture of two types of pre-existing chocolate. British chocolate expert Don Ramsey said:

"A few years ago, French chocolate company Valrhona launched a caramelized white chocolate that they also sold as the 'fourth type of chocolate', and that turned out to be little more than marketing. Barry Callebaut are not giving much away about what this new chocolate is, or how it is made, but as I understand it, they’ve used a combination of processing techniques and specific cacao varieties to produce a milk chocolate that has lightly fruity color and flavor. I’ve heard from my own contacts who were at the launch event in Shanghai that this does appear to be something quite different and potentially interesting, but even at there, nobody has seen the ingredients and Barry Callebaut aren’t giving anything away about the processes involved in making it. I’m told it will be at least a year before most people will get to try it, so it remains to be seen if it really is something exciting, or if it’s just a marketing gimmick."

So it remains to be seen as to whether this is the real deal or not but the signs certainly are very encouraging but with at least a year to wait until consumers will get to try it, those with a sweet tooth may have to hold on a while until they get to chomp on some ruby chocolate. However, those working at Barry Callebaut are confident that it will storm the market.

Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

“Consumer research in very different markets confirms that Ruby chocolate not only satisfies a new consumer need found among Millennials - Hedonistic Indulgence - but also high purchase intent at different price points,” said Peter Boone, Barry Callebaut’s chief innovation and quality officer.

“We’re looking forward to working with our partners on introducing this innovative breakthrough to the market and making the new ruby chocolate category available to chocolate manufacturers and consumers around the world as the fourth reference next to dark, milk and white chocolate."

So, with fingers crossed that this turns out to be something as new and promising as it sounds, what are your thoughts on this ruby chocolate? Would you be prepared to give it a go or do you doubt it would top your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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