'The Office' Could Return To TV Screens Next Year

OMG December 20, 2017 By Vincent

'The Office' appeared on American TV screens as a remake of a classic British comedy written by and starring comedian Ricky Gervais which launched his now stratospheric career. The American version then arrived in 2005 with Steve Carrell in a lead role and soon became one of the biggest comedies on TV.


As it focused on Carrell's character of Michale Scott for many years, it soon changed tack when Carell left the show to pursue his now immensely successful Hollywood career before coming to an end in 2013, but now it would appear NBC is keen on reviving the show for next year.

Talks have long persisted of a spin-off show featuring some of the more popular characters from the show, but nothing materialized until now with NBC now looking at a continuation of the story of Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin offices. 

Carell is confirmed not to be returning, but there is speculation as to whether other older cast members will return with a focus on both new and old characters being mooted.

NBC’s recent history of reviving Will & Grace and Rosanne have paid dividends for the broadcaster, but there is doubt as to whether this idea would take off as much os the others but it is still early in the process to see where this goes. 

Would you be excited about more 'The Office' episodes or do you think they should leave it alone and focus on something new? Let us know in the comments below.

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