10 of The Most Highly Anticipated Video Games of 2018

OMG November 6, 2017 By Vincent

With technology getting ever better and storytelling prowess forever evolving, now could be the best time for video games as the latest generation of consoles come into their own and 2017 has widely been considered one of the best years for video game offerings.

Here, we look at just a small selection of the many games that have got tongues wagging and ask if they will match up to the bumper crop we had this year.

1. Spider-Man

One of, if not 'the', most iconic superhero creations of all time, Spider-Man has long been a comic book favorite who has been adapted for film and games with mixed results with, sadly, most of his video game offerings being a bit lackluster.


Most of them have been film tie-ins, and many fans will be cautious not to get their hopes up too high, but this latest offering is a standalone game creation for the character in a hope to revitalize him in the same way the 'Arkham' series did for Batman. 

Those old enough to remember Spider-Man 2 on the original PlayStation will remember how the swing mechanic was so perfectly nailed in that game and how it's open world setting revolutionized how good Spidey games could be and will desperately want this to do something similar.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

The open world cowboy capers of Red Dead Revolver and it's sequel Red Dead Redemption really shook things up in the sandbox genre as most people were used to driving around cityscapes and urban settings whereas this put you squarely in the middle of the last days of the wild west where you could play as a outlaw or savior of the people.


So vast and in-depth was the last game that just being a wandering rogue held a certain appeal to it, so fans are rather clamoring at the bit for another installment of the series.

3. God of War

The God of War games have always been a violent, gory romp through ancient Greek mythology as you play the protagonist manipulated by the gods, seeking revenge for the death of his family.

PlayStation Europe/Flickr.com

Now seemingly taking the same premise and supplanting it within Norse legend, new dynamics and story features could really push the series forward but will seeing the same character in a completely different setting kill or cure it?

4. Shadow of The Colossus

This game is a litany of dark and heart-breaking moments. Tasked with saving your friend, you must defeat 10 giant creatures to help a sorcerer. Traveling through desolate environments with only your faithful steed as a companion and endlessly fighting is dark enough but ultimately you realize you are being played by the sorcerer and you have been killing the last living entities of this world who are not evil but merely existing.

Natty Dread/Flickr.com

A real dark and poetic masterpiece of a game, it is getting a shiny, new remaster that will really add to the atmosphere and tension of it all and hopefully bring back a fitful burst of nostalgia.

5. Kingdom Hearts III

A weird sort of crossover game that takes elements of the Disney films and mixes them with a sort of Final Fantasy set up that, on paper, really shouldn't work but has given the world an array of solid titles and spin-offs.


It will be 13 years since the last Kingdom Hearts game that followed the main storyline though so it is about time another one kicked in and gave the fans what they want but will it live up to the hype?

6. Sea of Thieves

A pirate-themed online-adventure game where you take to the high seas and join groups of other online players to run your own ship, plunder enemies and steal and loot treasure, the key-word here is 'co-operative'.


Its cross-platform appeal may bode well as both Xbox gamers, and PC players will be launched onto the oceans to battle it out together.

7. Metal Gear Survive

A Metal Gear game which sets the action in an open-world environment, the stealth shooter has evolved somewhat over the years and, as the name of this game suggests, the goal is just to survive now.


The first Metal Gear game to be developed since Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami in late 2015, it will be interesting to see if his influence will be sorely missed as gamer's team up or take on missions on their own.

8. Shenmue III
The Shenmue series was conceived as a linear storyline that would span several video games as you play a martial artist in 1980s Japan searching for the killer of his father. The game's use of role-playing mechanics mixed with action-adventure mechanics made it a cult classic and landed it a highly lauded sequel with both often appearing on 'greatest games of all time' lists.


However, both were made for the underperforming Dreamcast console and so were commercial failures and never really got the credit they deserved but, down the years found new fans and a Kickstarter brought about the production of this third in the series. Whether it will live up to its previous outings and be able to hold its own in the latest generation of gaming will be an interesting prospect for many.

9. Psychonauts 2

The original Psychonauts game was critically adored but didn't sell well despite its innovative, quirky and bold visuals and gameplay that saw you use your psychic powers to delve into the minds of others and play on psychological theories.


Another game that found a greater fan base over time, this, too, needed a crowd-sourced form of funding to get it off the ground but it is now picking up steam with a hope of matching its predecessor in praise and sales.

10. The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us was a harrowing post-apocalyptic survival game that was much loved for its fraught, tense and cinematic storytelling as it was for its careful and precise gameplay that made it a little bit of a masterpiece and many fans thought it was so good it should just be left alone.

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However, now further in the future, the protagonists have aged and have become bitter from the fight to survive. 

If a decent script can be pulled together, this could be something special.

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