The Foo Fighters Are Opening A Pub In London

Celebs September 12, 2017 By Vincent

If you like dad rock and drinking and happen to be in the British capital between the 15th and the 20th of September, have we got some good news for you. So remember Dave Grohl, y'know the drummer from Nirvana? Well, apparently he has his own band now called the Foo Fighters that have been around for some time and he writes the music, sings the music and even takes the time to play some guitar occasionally. Maybe you've heard of them?

Joe Seer/

Anyway, after 23 years of being a band, they are also now turning their hands to being publicans as the band has announced they will open a drinking establishment situated at 339 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9LH and be open for business between 15 and 20 September, selling exclusive merchandise and limited edition items. 

Called 'The Foo Fighters Arms', it's opening on the 15 September coincides with the release of the band's ninth album Concrete and Gold, and the venue will host "a series of events for both fans and the general public", serve Foo Fighters beer, and hold a pub quiz on Monday 18 September with exclusive prizes.

A certain number of fans who pre-ordered the album have been invited to a private party at the public house on the 14th of September although information on what this party will entail is thin on the ground (although odds are the band or a band member will be present in some form or another).


Announcing their foray into the world of alcoholic beverage dispensing, the band posted a picture on Twitter of a coat of arms of two dragon skeletons holding up a shield with the cross of St. Geroge on, in an apparent nod to the coat of arms of the City of London,with the same Latin motto, 'Domine Dirige Nos' ('Lord, guide us') underneath it.

We're sure it will be an unparalleled success but only being around for 5 days means that there are sure to be crowds and a lot of disappointed fans who won't be able to get to London. Still, it's a nice idea we guess.

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