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Whatever Happened to Emmeline, The Star of Blue Lagoon?

Celebs September 29, 2016 By Vincent

The classic yet controversial film Blue Lagoon had a breakout star in its lead character Emmeline, but whatever happened to the actress that played her? Well, here we have a look at her career throughout the ages and you'll be stunned at how she has changed.


Model, actress and all round superstar Brooke Shields rose to prominence off the back of several controversial movie roles that plunged America into debate and made her a household name. Starting out as a child model, she landed her first film role at the age of 12 and went on to have a successful and long-spanning career on screen. Here we look at the actress through the ages.


A movie star and a model, Brooke Shields first rose to prominence when she played a child prostitute in the 1978 movie, Pretty Baby. The film was a historical drama about child prostitution and featured nude scenes of the 12-year-old Brooke. This caused massive controversy and outrage as to whether this could be categorized as child pornography or a relevant, if uncomfortable, truth about American history. Did it unnecessarily sexualize children or was it making a stark statement about the very issue? Many also argued that Shield's mother was taking advantage of her child and child labor laws were put in place after the outrage the film caused.



Brooke followed up her controversial debut in film with the equally salacious Blue Lagoon in 1980, which was a romance between two teenagers who had become stranded on a desert island. Brooke was just 14 at the time when she played the character Emmeline and the film included nude scenes between the two teenage lovers which led to Shields Shields later having tp testify before a U.S. Congressional inquiry that older body doubles were used in some of them.



In 1983, Shields would work with the jeans maker Calving Klein on an advertising campaign and Klein said of her work: "Brooke is the most beautiful girl in the world. She can portray many characters, from a teenager to a very sophisticated woman." Later that year Shields would suspend her modeling career to pursue her bachelor's degree in French Literature and Romance languages at Princeton University although she continued to appear in small film parts.



Shields graduated from Princeton in 1987 and returned to full-time acting in 1990 with her first film release of that year being Backstreet Dreams. One of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood at this time, Shields' day rate as a model was also rumored to be around $10,000. Throughout the 1990s Shields promoted fitness and athleticism trying to encourage more women to take it up and associate it with femininity.



Although still appearing in films, Shields landed her first regular TV series role as the protagonist in Suddenly Susan,  a drama about a spoilt columnist suddenly having to learn how to become independent. The show ran for four seasons from 1996 to 200 and garnered Shields Golden Globe and Satellite Award nominations for best actress during its run.



Having met professional tennis player Andre Agassi in 1993, Brooke married him in 1997 and the pair were together until 1999. After the couple's divorce, she was then introduced to television writer Chris Henchy later that year and whom she married in 2001. The pair went on to have 2 children together.



I 2005, Shields began to talk about her struggles with postpartum depression in several magazine interviews and her autobiography. She later went on to champion anti-depressants which led to her becoming embroiled in an argument with fellow Hollywood Superstar Tom Cruise. Cruise would later apologize for the incident and Shields and her husband would go on to attend his wedding in 2006. 2008 was a busy year for Shields as she appeared in three films and one made for TV movie alongside a regular spot on dramedy series Lipstick Jungle and appearances on the Disney Channel show  Hannah Montanna. 



In 2009 Shields spoke at an emotional memorial service for her long-time friend Michael Jackson who had died earlier in the year. The two met when she was just 13 and would date on and off for a period throughout the 90s with Jackson apparently asking her to marry him and adopt children on several occasions. At the same time, a picture of her naked at the age of 10 caused a row as it was a featured in an exhibition at the Tate Modern art gallery in London and had to be removed after police issued a warning.



Shields also has a strong stage career having appeared in several broadway productions such as Grease (1994 revival) as Betty Rizzo, the 1998 revival of Cabaret (in 2001), the 2003 revival of Wonderful Town (in 2004–2005) and Chicago which she also appeared in on London's West End. In 2011 she took over the role of Morticia Addams in the Broadway musical The Addams Family.



A relatively quiet year in terms of output for the normally prodigious star, although still working there were no major projects starring her that year although she did appear in an episode of the sash-hit primetime comedy The Middle in which she has a recurring role as troublesome and troubled neighbor Rita Glossner.



2013 saw the return of the hard working Shields with heavy output as two film projects, The Hot Flashes and A Monstrous Holiday, were released and she made guest appearances on TV drama Army Wives as Colonel. Kat Youn and on sitcom Super Fun Night as Alison Lockridge. She also became  occasional guest co-host in the 9:00 hour of Today on NBC.



Another extremely busy year, Shields lent her voice to the animated TV show about a demonic dog, Mr. Pickles which is still running,  whilst she also had appearances in several episodes of Creative Galaxy and The Michael J. Foxx Show and appeared in the two fim projects Adventure Planet and  Under Wraps. Shields also release a book telling about her relationship with her mother called There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.



Another relatively quiet year for the star, she continued to work on projects that she was currently involved in and also made several appearances at film premieres like The Woman in Gold despite not starring on any of her own projects that year. Now 50, many speculated that perhaps she was winding down her career.



Having already appeared in three made for TV movies as the same character, Abby Knight, in Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's The Word, Flower Shop Mystery: Snipped in the Bud and Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted, she put to bed any rumors that she was slowing down as she also appeared at a special screening of Disney's latest live-action feature The Jungle Book. The year hasn't even finished yet.


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