The Bugatti Veyron Is No Longer The World's Fastest Road Car

OMG November 7, 2017 By Hugo

Thanks to its 267mph top speed, the world's fastest road car has long been the Bugatti Veyron, but that's all changed after a new Swedish supercar broke the record on two separate occasions. 

Over two test runs, The Koenigsegg Agera RS hit maximum speeds of 272 mph and 284 mph, which is almost an insult and embarrassment to the Bugatti and other competitors like The Hennessey Venom GT (271mph).


But before you start saving your hard-earned cash, this bad boy is as exclusive as they come, with a £1.5 million price tag ensuring that only the very wealthy will get their hands on one. 

Speaking about the feel of the car, factory driver Niklas Lilja insisted he wasn't nervous, despite setting a world record speed. "I wasn’t nervous. The only hesitation was over the tires, as you always know that something could happen."

However, Lija admitted that the downhill conditions caused him to slow down at the 280mph mark. "Driving the road at 100mph, it was very quiet and smooth, But at 280mph plus, it’s really quite bumpy. Going downhill, with a tailwind, I was at the rev limiter on the first proper run (284.55mph), so I knew I couldn’t do anymore."

A prime example of automotive brilliance, it appears petrolheads will be salivating at the prospect of seeing one of these cars in real life.

However, The Koenigsegg Agera RS will do well not to get too carried away as Bugatti will be back with a bang next year as they prepare to launch The Bugatti Chiron.

Priced at a cool £2m, it is rumored to be capable of surpassing the Agera RS's monster speed, which makes us even more jealous that we'll never be rich enough to afford one.

Ah, what a time to be alive.

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