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The 15 Best Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve In The US

FUN FACTS December 6, 2016 By Vincent

New Year's Eve is a great time to party, see friends, enjoy the sights and just have a generally awesome time but sometimes it can be hard choosing where to go or what to do and the whole prospect becomes so overwhelming that you decide to just stay in and watch Ryan Seacrest on TV...again!


Well, fear not friends, here we have a list of a few awesome places in the USA you can spend your New Years Eve depending on what you like and your budget.

Party Places

1. New Orleans

Everyone knows that NOLA knows how to party and that's why thousands head there every year for Mardi Gras but NYE is also another great time to party, especially in a city where live music will be playing on the streets and coming out from almost every venue. A parade rolls through Elysian Fields street and if you get down to Jackson Square there will be fireworks and even more live music.


Head to one of the many cocktail parties in the city such as  Marché’s New Year’s Eve, Bourbon Vieux New Year’s Eve Bash and New Year’s Eve at the Riverview Room to get a real flavor of the city whilst living it up.

2. Los Angeles

The city of Angels is filled with glamorous A-listers and the stylish and chic venues they like to frequent and so NYE is when the place really comes to life as pared back hipster locations compete with the high-class hotel parties and cocktail bars. 


 New Year’s Eve Aboard the Queen Mary, New Year’s Ball at The Edison, SoHo Dance 007 Masquerade Ball NYE 2017, Grand Park New Year’s Eve LA, and A Dream Disco at the Ace Hotel are all great options for the ultimate party animal living it up like a Hollywood superstar.

3. Miami

The ultimate clubbing city on the coast, the latin vibes will run throughout the night everywhere you go as well as awesome yacht parties and beach get togethers all swirling in a heady mix that will probably keep on going well into the next morning. Fireworks galas and beach parties are easy to come by.


But if you want to stick to the bar scene, head to places like The Regent Cocktail Club or The Rec Room for amazing celebrations.

4. Las Vegas

Of course, the city of sin is going to be one of the best places to go on the biggest party night of the year and they sure don't let themselves down on glitz and glamor as every night club, bar, hotel and casino will be hosting parties, giveaways and events that serve only to amplify the madness felt in the city.


We haven't got any specifics here because to list them all would be insane. Just pick a spot and roll with it.

5. Austin

A bar filled city that, like Vegas, has a party going on, on almost every street corner and finding one to be a part of really should not be a problem. Head down to Sixth Street where the densest spread of bars is and having a good time is practically guaranteed. 


There's a load of live music to get in on as well and the W Hotel is where the stylish reveler will be ringing in the New Year.

6. New York City

Although NYE in NYC instantly conjures up images of braving the cold and the crowds in Times Square to watch the ball drop, there are a wealth of classy cocktail bars to pass into the New Year in and most of the restaurants and luxury hotels will be hosting their own, warmer and far chicer events.


Of course, if you do make it to Times Square there will be live performances and amazing fireworks.

Relaxing Retreats

7. Providence

The small town vibe of Providence is the perfect place to escape from the crowds and noise of the NYE parties of the big cities but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. Its amazing art scene means that the theaters and galleries all have events to ring in the New Year whilst the towns NYE party also centers around the arts that it has on offer.


Quieter and far more sophisticated than many other options but still a great experience.

8. Dallas

Lacking the party scene of Austin or NYC, what Dallas lacks in wild nights it makes up for in fine dining and there are so many great restaurants where you can have a classy meal before heading home to watch fireworks on the television or getting an early night to come into the New Year awake and refreshed, unlike many others you'll undoubtedly know.


The city is also big enough to have other arts and cultural things to find and do.

9. Santa Fe

Another place without a party scene to really keep you up all night, the old world charm and cultural activities are enough for any arts buff to be entertained into the New Year whilst the peace and quiet can be a nice change of pace to the regular NYE celebrations found in many other places.


The vintage stores, galleries and posh boutiques are all worth touring before heading down to Santa Fe plaza to see the bonfire and grab a hot chocolate.

Fantastic Fireworks

10. San Francisco

Almost everywhere in the country will have fireworks displays on so it is really going to take something special to rise head and shoulders above the rest but San Francisco really does this as the colors explode over the waterfront and the famed ferry building where you can book a fireworks cruise from.


Alternately, head up to Treasure Island to see the sparkling lights across the city.

11. Denver

It's cold in Denver at this time of year but if you're prepared to brave the chill, the sight of the fireworks is well worth wrapping up for. Classy restaurants and a wealth of microbreweries mean that there is plenty to eat and drink in the city before admiring the bright lights exploding over the city's skyline.


Historic and beautiful, what more could you want?

Family Getaways

12. Salt Lake City

The friendly mountain town of Salt Lake City has no rowdy club scene to get in the way of taking the kids out and about whilst it also has the added bonus of being one of the most affordable cities in the whole of the United States. Live music in the downtown area of the city runs for three nights along with other activities to keep everyone happy.


Cheap and cheerful, this is perfect for a family New Year.

13. Orlando

The theme park capital of the world doesn't shut up shop just because it's NYE and all of the parks will be holding family friendly events with parades and parties to include everyone. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios both put on great shows with fireworks displays whilst the crowds will be significantly lessened than at other times of the year.


A more traditional NYE is held at the Walt Disney World convention center where adults can still get hold of some libations.

Affordable Options

14. Nashville

The home of bluegrass and honky-tonk, Nashville has an amazing live music scene to dive head first into that is really alive on NYE and given that the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park hosts a free NYE party every year, this is a brilliant place to give a go especially sine it can be done on the cheap without compromising on the fun.


With a fireworks display, confetti, and a massive ‘music note drop’ at midnight what's not to love?

15. San Antonio

Another city that hosts a free NYE party, head down to either the center of the town or along the iconic river walk and you won't be disappointed by what is on offer.  Fireworks, local parties, and live music are all mixed in with BBQ's and ethnic eats for cheap prices and affordable places to stay the night.


Restaurants, bars and galleries will all be open late in order to take part in the fun.

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