Super Mario Cereal With Amiibo Functionality Coming Soon

OMG November 30, 2017 By Vincent

In the 90s you used to get free computer games on a disc in your cereal box and character crossover with toys inside and that creation appearing on the box have long been a regular occurrence with our sugar-coated breakfast treats but now Kelloggs and Nintendo are working together to bring us a Super Mario cereal which will have amiibo functionality.


For those not in the know, amiibos are tiny figurines of your favorite video game characters with a chip in them that allows them to be read by the latest Nintendo consoles and often provide more content or unlockable features for certain games. it's a gimmick but the collectible aspect to them makes them very bankable and pretty cool especially if you do have a particular character you are attached too.


But now it would seem that the figurine aspect is just being thrown completely out of the window as Kellogs are just providing a box with amiibo functionality, meaning that you and your children will soon be rubbing a piece of cardboard up against your Nintendo Switch in order to get the most out of the latest Super Mario game, 'Super Mario Oddysey'.

In what some may consider a cynical marketing ploy of the highest order, this box will also contain a generic Kellogs cereal with lumps of marshmallow shaped into items from the Mario games like Power-up Mushrooms and ? Boxes. How exciting!

What are your thoughts on this latest piece of video game tie-in marketing? Cynical or just a bit of harmless fun? Let us know in the comments below.

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