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10 Stars Who Went All The Way In Their Movies

OMG January 25, 2018 By Hugo

Most actors will tell you that filming a sex scene is never easy. Not only is it painfully awkward but it takes countless takes to make sure the intimacy is as authentic as it can be. However, some actors take the term 'method acting' to another level.

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Shocking and impressive in their dedication to their craft, these stars had little qualms going all the way. 

1. Robert Pattinson

While known for his role as the enchantingly beautiful vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson first made waves in Hollywood when starring in a string of indie movies. One of those was Little Ashes, a film depicting the life of the enigmatic artist Salvador Dali.

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But the film's talk made headlines for more than just its premise. In fact, Robert Pattinson is believed to have pleasured himself while performing a solo scene and according to R-Patz himself, "faking it just didn't work." 

2. Chloe Sevigny & Vincent Gallo 

Indie actress and fashion model Chloe Sevigny admitted to giving her then-boyfriend and the film's director Vincent Gallo oral sex in the movie Brown Bunny.

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Fearless and outlandish, it seems such words apply to both her acting and her fashion sense.

3. Lauren Lee Smith & Eric Balfour 

Lauren Less and Eric Balfour were already dating before they began acting alongside each other in Lie with Me, a semi-erotic movie about a couple.

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It's little wonder then that the two got it on in real life when filming.

4. Carla Juri

In the controversial German movie Wetlands, Carla Juni's character undertakes a hedonistic social experiment which sees sex become the number one priority.


Because of the nature of the topic, Carla wanted to add an authenticity to the role, so to better understand her character she decided to go full on method.

5. Margo Stilley & Kieran O'Brien

Nine Songs isn't very good, and even the sex scenes look pained and awkward despite the co-stars coming out years later admitting they were real.

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Even so, we still have trouble believing them...

6. Kerry Fox & Mark Rylance

When Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox starred in Intimacy, they must have known what they were signing up for.

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But unbeknown to many, all the sex scenes were entirely real!

7. Melvin Van Peebles

Melvin Van Peebles has been described as America's first ghetto black hero and a label which came about after his starring role in the movie Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

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However, after completing scenes for the blacksploitation movie, the actor contracted venereal disease after going el naturel in every scene. Talk about being dedicated to your craft!

8. Adam Chubbuck & Maeve Quinlan

The American director Larry Clark has long been criticised for his detailed look at suburban America, and never was this more apparent than in his 2002 movie, Ken Park. 

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In one scene, for instance, despite a considerable age gap, the actors Adam Chubbuck & Maeve Quinlan engaged in real-life intercourse, which only added outrage to the much-maligned film.

9. Karl Glusman & Aomi Muyock

Considered by many to be the most explicit film of 2015, Gaspar Noe's film about a French couple's love life was full of sex scenes, all of which were genuine.

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What's more, the film was shot in 3D, making it the first erotic movie of its kind.

10. Caroline Ducey 

French arthouse cinema paved the way for actors to be more daring and method in their approach, and one of the first examples was the 1999 French film, Romance.

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The lead, played by Caroline Ducey, is filmed performing sex acts on a variety of men, including sadomasochistic lovemaking with an older man.

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