10 Sports Stars Who Appeared On The Silver Screen

Celebs December 21, 2017 By Vincent

Conquering your respective sport is no easy feat and requires years of training and dedication as well as an awful lot of talent and sometimes even a touch of luck. But, for those who achieve this, what else is there to do? Maintaining your dominance is a task in itself but it lacks the same thrill and prestige. Many branch out into other fields to see if they can be the best at those, and this includes a handful who have turned their hands to movie making. Now, we're not talking about those who have had documentaries of their sporting prowess made but those who have tried acting. Here we look at 10 sports stars who did just that.

1. Michael Jordan

The unstoppable basketball star who is probably the greatest player the game has ever seen moved briefly into Baseball for a while before returning to basketball to prove that he was still the best, even if he had to shoot more 3-pointers because he couldn't dunk like he used to. However, as any 90s kids will tell you, his star turn in Space Jam is the ultimate nostalgia moment.


Teaming up with the Loony Tunes, Jordan has to take on cartoon aliens from outer space in a basketball match in order to defend the Earth.

2. Shaquille O'Neal 

Another NBA all-star, Shaq is now known for having his likeness brand almost anything and everything come his way and after seeing the box-office success of Jordan in Space Jam, O'Neil took a turn in the DC comic universe as a sort of Robocop crime fighter who can fly through the sky in his metallic suit.

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Unfortunately, the film was a bit of a flop and Shaq's acting skills didn't really hold up. 

3. Alan Shearer

The all-time record goal scorer in the Premier League, Alan Shearer is a bit of a soccer playing legend, especially in his home nation of England, so when the film Goal followed an aspiring soccer player plucked from obscurity and then getting a trial for Newcastle United, the team Shearer was then playing for, it was too good an opportunity to pass up a chance of a cameo of the man.

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Showing up the youngster in the gym, he is used to great effect to show what has to be undertaken to achieve success in the sport.

4. Ronda Rousey

Former UFC champion and face of women's mixed martial arts, Rousey has actually cropped up in a few acting roles here and there and will probably be in a few more in the future. Hot property at the moment, she played a bodyguard in the Furious 7 film where she gets in a scrap with Michelle Rodriguez.

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Eventually, she is defeated and the crew gets away but it's pretty good casting.

5. Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight boxing champion of the world Mike Tyson has had a troubled past but seems to have put all of that behind him and now even finds the time to lightly poke fun at himself in various ways. Appearing in The Hangover, it transpires that the three main characters stole his pet Bengal tiger and have to return it to him.

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In the process, Mike performs a rendition of Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight and accidentally ends up hitting one of the characters with his famous right hook.

6. John Cena

WWE champion and much-beloved meme, John Cena is a champion wrestler whose character has landed him TV presenting roles and cameos in such films as Trainwreck but arguably his starring moment was when he appeared in an animated Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery film as himself where he saved the gang from falling boulders.

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Lending his voice to the film, this one was a treat for fans.

7. David Beckham

So we've already mentioned Alan Shearer's cameo in Goal! and in the sequel, the main character Santiago Munez has made it as a footballer and has secured a transfer to Real Madrid, where David Beckham was playing at the time. So of course, not to be outdone by Shearer, Becks crops up to offer some words of advice.

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Now a fashion icon and superstar, can you imagine Becks doing this now?

8. Bobby Moore and Pele

In 1981, a war film was made about prisoners of war taking on their Nazi guards at a game of football before eventually escaping the camp. It has some pretty big names in it like Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine but England World Cup winner Bobby Moore and Brazilian World Cup winner Pele also appear as characters.

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Needless to say, the film is a little bit silly but good fun.

9. Lance Armstrong

Before his infamous doping scandal had him stripped of his seven Tour De France wins, Lance Armstrong was a big name and turned up to give a motivational speech to a member of a struggling dodgeball team who was ready to quit. Of course, now that everything has come to light, it looks a bit odd in the film.


Still, it happened and Armstrong picked up a paycheck for it. 

10. Tom Brady

In a cameo in Ted 2, the protagonist is trying to create the best child he can and decides to steal DNA from four-time super bowl winning football player Tom Brady to do so. In a scene where he gets chucked out of the window, he shows off his perfect spiral and launches the talking bear.

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The film then alludes to this later on by saying it is actually quite a common occurrence.

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