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15 Painfully Awkward Sports Photos That Hardly Anyone Has Seen

LOL November 11, 2016 By Igor

Growing up and becoming a professional athlete was a dream many shared, and while your adult life probably hasn't lived up to the sporting heights you once hoped, you can at least be consoled by these cringeworthy photos of athletes being cheered for all the wrong reasons.


With that in mind, OMG Lane has scoured the web and compiled a list of what we think are the most embarrassing sporting moments of all time. 

Surfing through the awkward

The five-time Women's World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore suffered quite the surprise during a fashion shoot for Vogue Australia. It's fair to say not everyone shared her embarrassment, though.


In fact, some were probably delighted and with a hot bod like that on display, we can't blame them! From the bottom of our heart, thank you, Stephanie! 

Caroline Wozniacki received a rousing applause but not for her athletic prowess

Close friends and fellow tennis aces Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki made headlines for less serious reasons when they poked fun at each other at a charity match. In Caroline's case, she mimicked Serena's voluptuous figure, and it's safe to say the crowd cheered a lot.


And yes, we know tennis is seen by many as long and tedious, but when you have stars like Caroline doing that, does it matter?

Make Or Break

When you're trying to go for gold, it's best you don't drop your partner otherwise, it will look painfully awkward and end up looking like all thoughts of things but being lithe and pretty won't be one of them.



Instead, you'll most likely end up looking like you've just given birth to a man-child or a mother fed up with dealing with the shenanigans of a petulant 8-year-old.

Sometimes, the best sporting photographs capture the unpredictable nature of life in a way no other type could

This athlete evidently had other things on her mind when she donned a one-piece swimsuit.


Forgetting that her uneven tan lines from her days sunbathing in her bikini would be on display, this athlete learned a valuable truth: that sunbathing nude is the way forward.

A sporting routine or a make-out session?

We know this is a professional sport, and we don't wish to cast scorn on something we could never do, but this photo looks more like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie as opposed to a synchronized swimming routine.


Or it could simply be two athletes sharing a passionate moment together. We think we'll go will the latter...

Out of Bounds

This one looks painful, and we don't think she'll get top marks for that either.


And who knows? With a tumble like that, she may well have been out on the town the night before. It's a sight we all recognize, after all.... 

Who knew you could get a rapturous applause for looking so cute and funny at the same time? 

She so should have got a medal.... for looking so CUTE.


But unfortunately, sporting events are based on athletic prowess, not cuteness. But still, she looks uber adorable. Maybe we should adopt her? 

A human stampede

Not everyone's race goes to plan and unless you're one of those people who believe that it's taking part that counts, you're likely to be highly annoyed if you don't finish first.


Oh well, we're sure 74 doesn't mind! 

If you're a volleyball player, even losing looks good 

Yes, everyone (including the fans) are winners at this event, and it's little wonder volleyball is one the most in-demand events at The Olympics.


Yes, men can ogle while women can admire the men's sun-dappled torsos. And appreciate their volleyball skills as well.....

"I asked for a triple-D, not a double-D!" 

Is it just us, or does this female swimmer look like she's bemoaning the size of her midriff?

Source: thefabweb.com

"I thought I told Eduardo to give me Triple D's, not doubles!" 

Split Costume

The last thing you want when going for a swim is a hole in your costume. Especially there!


Let's just hope she didn't have a sore stomach.

He may own F1, but Bernie Ecclestone doesn't own Michael's private regions...

Michael Schumacher is a racing legend, so in all fairness, we understand why Bernie loves him so much.


But even so, it's better to be less candid about it, Bernie!

"Lord have mercy on us all!"

Serves them right for going to a baseball match..... Only joking... or are we?


Yeah, we're joking, it beats cricket any day of the week. But then again, that isn't hard. 

Why Are They Cheering?

Tania Cagnotto is an incredibly talented Italian diver who has won gold medals at the FINA world championships as well as silver and bronze at two Olympics but it was only after she had done a raunchy shoot for Playboy Italy in 2013, that she became a household name in her native country. 


But why were the crowd cheering at the event she is pictured in above? Well, following a disappointing dive, the crowd loudly cheered and chanted her name, with Cagnotto unaware that it was because of the recent release of her Playboy photos as opposed to it being an ironic applause at what was a poor dive.

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