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16 Spectacular Photos That Were Timed To Perfection

OMG January 11, 2017 By Hugo

Photography is a great artistic medium, and in this article, we aim to prove that with a host of great pictures. What makes them even more remarkable, however, is their timing, with many gaining applause from users across the web for the way they turned out.


Better yet, many of these photos were captured without using a modern camera and were instead taken on a smartphone. Some were intentional, and others probably weren't, but we're no doubt sure that you'll be equally as bowled over by them as we were. And who knows? After going through these gems, what's not to stop you getting out there and spotting that picture-perfect moment yourself?

Here are 25 spectacular photos timed to perfection. 

1. Cherry On Top 

Done well and wildlife photography can be extraordinary and give us a unique look into the multifaceted habitats and animals that dominate large swathes of our land.


In this photo, a bohemian waxwing gallantly prepares to digest a juicy berry, though quite whether the final result was the photographer's intention is unlikely.

2. Giving Life To The Withered

Shot in black and white, this great photo illustrates the beauty that can still be experienced in old age, despite the difficulties that come with it.


Captured along a public walkway, a pair of wings were spray-painted onto the nearby wall, and as the elderly gentleman walks past, the photographer manages to capture the moment his body overlaps the two wings to dramatic effect. 

3. The Flying Ship

Taken in the foggy San Fransisco haze, the Californian city's famous Sutro Tower is laden in thick clouds, making only its top half visible.


Resembling the legendary ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, this magnificent photo is as spooky as it is well well-timed.

4. 1 EARUP

In most cases, a number plate reading '1 EARUP' wouldn't go noticed, but thanks to this backseat canine, it became hilariously relevant.


Looking every inch the doggy superstar, passengers in the car behind couldn't help but take a photo once they noticed only one of his ears was up.

5. An Alternative Route

Empty theme parks have always made for good pictures. There's something eerie about places which serve to entertain yet have nothing on display other than the rides themselves. In this case, the theme park doesn't appear to have closed, but without the flailing arms of its visitors, the photographer spotted a perfect photo opportunity.


With the sky an azure blue, a cloud's contrail was perfectly aligned with the vertical rollercoaster before it continues it's ascent upwards as the rollercoaster veers back down; giving the impression of an almost mythical-like stairway.

6. A Plane Begins Its Descent Amidst The New York City Haze

Looking like something straight out of Christopher Nolan movie, this spectacular photo of New York's Times Square drew many plaudits.


Admittedly, it could be photoshopped considering that commercial planes must fly at least 1,000 feet above buildings, but it's a great photo nonetheless.7

 7. Riding The Waves

What could be better than spotting a surfing goose on a day out? Not much, that's for sure.


It's unclear whether the photographer was merely photographing the geese or he genuinely had an inclination that the goose was a pro-surfer. Either way, it's a delight and one of our favourites on this list.

8. A Natural Beam

Moons ornately decorate most settings, but at the beginning of dawn people often miss its silver glow. But not this photographer.


Nestled between both black and orange clouds, the photographer, knowingly or unknowingly, managed to make the moon appear like a lightbulb, with the street lamp perfectly positioned just below the descending moon.

9. Shining A Torch On New York

The Statue of Liberty is one of New York, and indeed America's, premier tourist attractions, and millions of photos have no doubt been taken of it over the years. Few have probably captured the neoclassical sculpture appearing to cast light on the city itself, however.


Looking like a still from a great movie, the photo almost reinforces the phantasmagorical image people have of a city long dubbed the world's capital.

10. The Self-obsessed Bird

Most people can Google their name into the famed search engine and have endless results come their way, even if they aren't a public figure. But if you're not a human, Google can be quite a tricky tool to navigate, which may explain why this bird pounced on the opportunity of a lifetime.


Undeterred from the birdwatcher who can be pictured reading up on the bird's species, it makes for a picture so comical yet endearing you don't know whether to laugh or cry!

11. Living On The Edge

One lucky wildlife enthusiast got more than he bargained for when he/she took a photo of two lizards on a branch. 


What was probably them mating turned into something far more eye-catching, however, once the picture revealed that one lizard was clinging onto its friend for dear life

12. Feline Love

Cats don't often form tight bonds the way dogs do, but perhaps this photo proves they aren't immune to physical affection. 


Timed to perfection, the photo goes to show that in some cases, love really is in the air.

13. Urban Splashing

Wouldn't it be the worst if you were on your way to work only to get a wave of gutter water swept in your face? 


It would be even more annoying if you then looked upon and noticed that the advert on the bus happened to be of a couple laughing at you as they slide down a sun-dappled theme park attraction.

14. A Face Full of Bubbles

Famed in her native Italy, the former diver and Olympic medalist Tania Cagnotto is pictured coming to the water's surface following a dive.


Now retired after winning silver and bronze at the 2016 Olympics, the 31-year-old has been a major celebrity in her homeland for some time, especially among males following a photo shoot she did with the softcore American magazine, Playboy.

15. A Water Droplet Reflects the Image of the Adjacent Map

Many great websites are dedicating large pages of their sites and publications to travel photography, but sometimes, amateur photography just can't be topped. 


Just take this photo of a water droplet reflecting an image of the Earth. Whether the photographer meant it is debatable, but it goes to show the potential we all have, regardless of individual equipment. 

16. Nature can be Rude...

Nature takes no prisoners, and even if you belong to the same species, that doesn't make you exempt from being on the receiving end of a nasty kick.


Poor bird! 

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