Son Surprises Mom In The Most Incredible Way

OMG April 27, 2018 By Hugo

It's many people's dream to give back to their parents, and for realtor Josh DeShong, he was no exception.

Wanting to do something life-changing for his mother after a tumultuous period that saw her lose both her mother and sister in the space of just six months, he decided to record the incident on his cell phone once the day he had been working hard for for many months finally arrived.

YouTube/ Joshua DeShong

Having raised her son by herself, single mother Vicki was always there for DeShong through thick and thin, even though he was, by his admissions, a troubled youth.

At the start of the recording, Josh explains his reasons behind the beautiful gesture. "A huge goal of mine was to give back to the person who gave up so much and did so much for me to become who I am today," he said.

However, unbeknown to her, Josh, soon leaves her in tears when he reveals that the apartment they visited is hers forever, having first told her he was showing her a place she could temporarily stay in while he renovated her old house. 

It was a heartfelt moment and one which will no doubt resonate with us all 

Watch the full video here and lets us know what you would do for your folks if money weren't an issue.

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