Is This The Best Selfie Of All Time?

OMG August 15, 2018 By Hugo

John Lenon and Paul McCartney may never be able to reunite but that hasn't stopped their sons meeting up and taking an incredible selfie together.

Instagram/ Sean Ono Lennon

Sending the Internet into mass hysteria, the photo is made more poignant owing to their striking resemblances with their famous fathers.

The heartwarming selfie, which is posted on Sean Ono Lennon's Instagram account, was captioned 'Peekaboo...'

The canny similarities to that of Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon can, of course, be explained simply by DNA (duh!), but we're still pretty blown away by how similar they look!

Unsurprisingly, the photo attracted much attention from diehard Beatles fans. One fan commented: "James looks like Paul, with his mother, Linda's hair color! Sean looks like John with a little of Yoko! Julian Lennon looks like John!"

Another user wrote: "You two definitely look like your famous fathers. I am still saddened by the loss of your father Sean. The world lost a wonderful person."

However, the wittiest comment has to go the fan who wrote, "Here Come the Sons..."

The photo even spawned speculation that the famous sons were collaborating on a music project due to the photo showing James holding a guitar. 

Now 40, James is the fourth child of Paul McCartney and former wife Linda, while Sean is 42, and, as his name suggests, is the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Least we forget Dhani Harrison as well, the only child of the late George Harrison. While James and Sean didn't go in the direction of their famous father's, Dhani released a debut solo album in 2017 called Parallel.

Ringo Starr's children are Jason and Zak Starkey, a well-known drummer.

How cool is that?! Long may these famous offspring photos continue! 

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