Selena Gomez's Family Have Described Justin Bieber As "Vile"

Celebs October 30, 2017 By Hugo

After being pictured eating breakfast with her former flame on Sunday, a member of Selena Gomez's family has described the pop star as "vile", believing her stint in rehab was caused by the way Bieber treated her when they were together. 

Speaking to TMZ, an unnamed member of Gomez's family said, "Justin is a vile human and will never be accepted by us. As long as she is even speaking to him in any way, it is not only disrespectful to everyone around her, it is disrespectful to herself."

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Despite the strong words from Selena's camp, the former Disney star still agreed to meet Justin. In fact, the former couple were spotted together three times last week, though the likelihood of another romance between the pair is unlikely seeing as Gomez appears to have found love again with the RNB superstar, The Weeknd.

Sources also claim that the Starboy artist is aware of the couple's recent meetings and is totally cool with it after Gomez made it clear that she is willing to forgive the Biebs for his past indiscretions when they were together. 

Justin is also thought to be keen to turn his life around, cutting ties with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and befriending people like the Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz.

Whether that means we'll see a different Justin to the one Selena's family member described isn't yet clear, but judging by his past mistakes, things can only get better for the troubled star.

What are your thoughts on this? Should The Weeknd be concerned about his girlfriend's willingness to meet with Justin? Or does the level of trust show how strong their relationship is?

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