Schoolgirl Discovers Sword In The Same Lake As King Arthur Legend is Set

OMG September 5, 2017 By Vincent

A schoolgirl from, Doncaster England has quite the story to tell when she returns to school from her summer holidays after she discovered a sword in the lake that is supposedly the very same one from legend that King Arthur claimed the sword Excalibur from the lady of the lake.

Matilda Jones, aged seven, made the startling discovery whilst on holiday in Cornwall with her family and had only heard about the legend of King Arthur on the journey to Dozary Pool when her father Paul, 51, told Matilda and her sister Lois part of the story relating to the pool itself.

Despite the legend coming from folklore and have many different alternative strands from various sources, one consistent theme in it is the lady of the lake, whom a young Arthur rows out to in order to retrieve the legendary sword of Excalibur once he broke his original sword that he retrieved from the stone to make him King of England. After his death, one of his loyal knights took the sword and flung it back into the lake, per Arthur's wishes, and a hand rose to the surface of the water to retrieve it.

Matilda went for a dip in Dozary Pool when she spotted something in the water. “It was a blistering hot day and Matilda asked if we could go for a paddle. She was only waist deep when she said she could see a sword. “I told her not to be silly and it was probably a bit of fencing, but when I looked down I realized it was a sword. It was just there laying flat on the bottom of the lake," said her father Paul.

So this discovery makes Matilda the Queen of England right? Well, sadly, her father thinks not. 

“The sword is 4ft long – exactly Matilda’s height,” added Paul. “I don’t think it’s particularly old about 20 or 30 years old. It’s probably an old film prop.”

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