Puppy Tastes Coffee For The First Time, Its Reaction Is Priceless

News September 8, 2017 By Hugo

Dogs can be pesky little creatures! But we love them no matter what because we wouldn't trade them for anything, even if they do tend to drink our coffee!

At least that's what this Samoyed puppy has a reputation for doing. Known for their playful disposition, Samoyeds are always happy and have been nicknamed "smiley dog" for their cheerfulness, and this pup is no exception.


As the video shows, the owner has a warm beverage in their hands, and she has no qualms letting her cartoonishly cute doggy have a sip.

Of course, the bitterness of coffee often requires an acquired taste to enjoy it, and the hysterical reaction of this dog proves that to a tee.

Letting the coffee whirl around its mouth for a good few seconds, the pup looks at its owner as if it is waiting to give its verdict.

Seconds later, the white-colored fluffball freezes before it cocks its head as if to say: "THAT WAS HORRIBLE!"

Watch the full video below to see its awesome reaction for yourself!



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