Ryan Reynolds Trolled Paul McCartney In The Most Incredible Way

Celebs August 21, 2018 By Hugo

Another day, another Ryan Reynolds story. We know, we know. We cover the dude a lot on this site, but we won't apologize because he's frickin' awesome, and an all-round good dude in an industry full of fakery, so if anyone can get away with trolling an icon it's him.


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Yes, the Canadian has one of the best Twitter games out there, and if he isn't setting the world on fire with his fine acting chops, he's reducing us to uncontrollable bouts of laughter as he trolls everyone from his very own wife to the biggest names in show businesses.

However, his latest conquest is quite literally an icon, and somehow he got away with it. Yes, he only went and trolled the one and only Sir Paul McCartney.

In a meet and greet with the former Beattle, Ryan posed for a photo with one of the finest living musicians of our time and then proceded to upload the picture on his Instagram account with a caption that was yet another glowing example of how well Ryan does online lampoonery. 

The caption read, "Have you ever had a dream to meet someone so badly and somehow it comes true?

"You're welcome, Paul."

Of course, even a man of Reynold's stature knows that his cultural significance pales in comparison to McCartney's, but it was a funny post nonetheless and one that has been liked more than 130,000 times on Instagram.

As you'll all know, Ryan Reynolds trolling the biggest names in show businesses is nothing new. As well as esteemed icons, he has also trolled the likes of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Hugh Jackman, and David Beckham to name but a few, while the constant back and forth he has with his smoking hot wife has given many of us full-on relationship goals.

Ryan, as we always say on this website, never, ever, change.

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