10 Reasons Why Millennials Suck At Relationships

LOL August 4, 2017 By Hugo

While millennials aren't given nearly enough credit, being a misunderstood generation doesn't mean the economy is wrong when it tells young workers that they're are pretty much doomed and that they'll never own a property like their baby boom parents.

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It's a sad but all-too-real reality,  and while the odd few twenty-somethings make rich lists for being in chart-topping boy bands, most still live at home with their parents, so you'd think the obvious escape would be to get lost in the all-conquering feeling of love?

Well, not quite. Though millennials may have a menagerie of dating apps at their disposal, a whopping 64% of millennials happen to be single, and we at OMG Lane (who, ourselves, are members of Generation-Y) believe that's because they suck at dating.

Here are 10 reasons why. 

1. There is too much choice

It's a peculiar paradox because though millennials typically live in the major cities, and thereby have hundreds of thousands of nearby profiles to choose from thanks to a host of apps; it can create a more insular culture as millennials will often only meet up with someone who falls in line with their standard of beauty.

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That said, modern-day dating differs depending on your sex and sexuality. However, for straight women, in particular, apps like Tinder can be overwhelming due to the level of attention they receive while many men continue to date on Tinder and its ilk without having much desire to eliminate them from their lifestyle because of the inadvertent grass is always greener culture they have spawned.

2. They seek instant gratification above anything else

We can order gourmet food to our doors, and it will arrive in less than 20 minutes. We can order clothes while lazing around in bed and we will get them the next day. And when it comes to dating, Bumble and Tinder offer the same service.

However, many of us expect to find a soul mate without giving any real thought as to what the term actually means, despite dating on a regular basis only to find ourselves miserable because we still don't know what it is we're looking for.

3. They sleep around without thinking of the long-term consequences

Even long-time lotharios will admit that sleeping around isn't healthy because you are essentially playing a game that only serves to temporarily relieve you of your inner sadness at not being able to find someone that can look after you in ways you secretly yearn for. 

In fact, the one night stand has almost become standard practice for millennials, and over time we've gotten accustomed to slipping on our jeans and tip-toeing out of a stranger's room- even if there's a connection- because we are arguably more used to being alone than any previous generation.

4. They believe love can still be like how it is in the movies

Perfection is a common theme in this article because every millennial is obsessed with it- perhaps because Hollywood told us that there's a kissing-in-the-rain Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams out there for everyone.

That's not to say that every millennial believes love has to be this perfect, smoochy ideal, but it seems many of us are now of the opinion that it's all or nothing when it comes to finding love.

5. They have been blinded by Instagram beauty

With millions of millennials hooked to their phones, Instagram- along with Facebook- is largely to blame because it promotes a culture where only to best aspects of your life are documented. In turn, this subconsciously tells us that only the best, and shiniest things in life are worth having and love is no exception to that alarming reality.

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So again, many vain millennials seek out only those who have Instagram-worthy features, not because they think they might like them- but because they'll be seen in a better light by others.

6. Ambition has overtaken love

Without going all serious on your precious millennial soul, Generation Y has fallen privy to a more ruthless and self-seeking capitalist economy flexing its muscles. In sum, we chase our dreams and see love as a hobby rather than a goal. 

Heck, even the ‘feel good’ film La La Land told us that, you, too, could lead a life like the stars if you had the willpower to say no to Ryan Gosling. Come on! Really? Thank God Moonlight won Best Picture.

7. Most don't understand what love is

What is the actual definition of love? According to a quick Google search, it means a strong feeling of affection. Yet millennials can't seem to get that definition into their heads and instead think that love should be this all-encompassing feeling that makes you want to fly to Mars and paint each other nude just like Jack did with Rose in Titanic.

So until millennials realise that love is simply an intense feeling of affection rather than an emotion that induces saccharine language and extravagant gestures, we won't find that little thing called love anytime soon.

8, They are terrified at being labelled clingy or emotional

Everyone is terrified of being labeled 'obsessed' or 'clingy' because such words seem to be synonymous with someone who isn't stable and cool when in reality it is those people who love the most and will more than likely find someone.

It all plays into the egocentric mindset of millennial daters. You can't send more than two messages without looking desperate. You can't show excitement without being seen as 'intense.' Millenials are judgmental creatures, and most won't find themselves with a partner until they let their guard down and learn to be themselves. 

9. They continue to use their apps after seeing someone which in some cases can even lead to ghosting

'Ghosting' as it has become known is a worrying trend that has seen many young daters completely ignore the messages of the person they've been dating because they simply can't be bothered to formulate a reply as to why they are no longer interested.

It isn't necessarily malicious, but it proves that millennials are more than willing to drop things with someone who might even suit them really well just because they no longer feel that 'spark' or because they were promised a great night out by someone hotter. 

10. They are afraid to converse with the opposite sex unless high on drink or drugs

Despite the main cities being home to a plethora of bars, clubs, cafes, libraries and museums, most still rely on dating apps for love when in reality you probably won’t meet 1% of your matches.

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But hey, it beats going up to someone and saying hello when you have their undivided attention right? Easier to just drink loads, so you have enough Dutch courage to find yourself in a stranger's bed the following morning, right?

Ah, the world we live in. A world which in years to come will refer to millennials as the generation that inadvertently fell out of love with love itself.

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