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Amazing Photos Of Melania Trump Before She Was First Lady

Celebs November 18, 2016 By Hugo

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America, but eyes won't only be on him. A gig in the White House is very much a family affair, and those daring enough to put themselves forward must be prepared for the personal scrutiny that comes with being leader of the free world.

With that being said, the President-elect's family has been profiled an excessive amount of times, and certainly more than any other incoming President. After all, Mr. Trump has 5 children from 3 marriages, while his current wife, Melania Trump, will be only the second foreign First Lady. 


But who exactly is Melania Trump?

We know plenty about Trump's loyal children, but less about her, so we at OMG Lane have decided to profile the life story of a Slovenian model who few-if any- would have expected to become Frist Lady. 

1. High School Days 

Melania Knauss came from a relatively humble background in Slovenia, which was then the property of the USSR. Contrary to reports, Melania was by no means poor, but she wasn't exactly wealthy, and the views of her father, a listed member of the league of communists, couldn't be further removed from his future son-in-law's, whose capitalist ideals aren't exactly in keeping with the ideology of communism. 


However, it appeared Melania wasn't as keen on communism as her father and was described by one school friend as having "higher goals than the rest of us and more ambition." 

And it appeared Melania had a way out thanks to her striking looks. Standing at 5ft 11 inch by the time she reached High School, the then-student caught the attention of fashion photographer Stane Jerko at a local modelling contest in 1987. 

2. Eary Polaroids

Melania's modelling career soon took off after Stane Jerko (second below) met the ambitious local and sent her polaroids to every major agency. 



As was the case with many areas in the Soviet, modelling was one of the few ways women could forge a fruitful and independent career for themselves, and according to a childhood friend, modelling had been a dream of hers since she was 5-years-old.

3. The Move Abroad

After gaining local notoriety for her photos, Melania finished runner-up in the Jana Magazine-run "Look of the Year" contest in the capital, Ljubljana, with the promise of an international modelling contract for those who placed in the top 3.



True to their word, the competition organisers put Melania in contact with a top agency in Europe, and it wasn't long before her dreams became a reality. But the 18-year-old was leaving more than just her friends and family. She had also taken up a place at the University of Ljubljana to study architecture. But when it came to following her dreams, there was only going to be one option. 

4. Modelling in Europe

Melanian's first move was to the nearby European countries of France and Italy, where she worked predominately in the fashion capitals of Pairs and Milan before relocating to New York City in 1996.



Gracing the covers of esteemed magazines like Ocean Drive. Vogue and Vanity Fair, the once aspiring model from a small town in Eastern Europe, had made it. 

5. Learning Different Languages

For someone who had never been outside her native Slovenia until the age of 18, Melania adapted quickly to her ever-changing surroundings and became a polyglot. 


Yes, having lived and worked across the world, the future First Lady is proficient in 5 languages: Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German.

6. Third Time's A Charm 

Melania is Donald's third wife, and the two claimed they hit it off the moment they met each other at a New York party in 1998. But it wasn't by chance. Melania's agent at the time, the New York-based Paolo Zampolli introduced her to Donald Trump, and the media have often described him as the couple's matchmaker.


Donald's other two wives were Ivana Zelníčková and Marla Maples. 

7. Not Only A Wife And Model

While the news often presented Melania as a former model and the wife of Donald Trump, the Slovenian also has an entrepreneurial streak and showcased this when she designed a range of jewellery.


Presenting it on QVC, the programme titled "Melania Timepieces & Jewelry" saw sales go through the roof and her entire collection sold out in 45 minutes. 

8. Charitable Work

Melania came under the cosh when she announced plans to support a range of anti-cyber bullying charities due to her husband's no-holds-barred approach to insulting certain people on Twitter.


The 46-year-old has also worked for other charitable causes including Breast Cancer Research and The American Red Cross. 

9. When Melania Knauss Became A Trump

After being smitten with each other for well over 7 years, Donald Trump married Melania in January 2005. The affair was lavish, to say the least, with an estimated $500,000 spent on flowers alone.


Looking resplendent, Melania sported a $125,000 Christian Dior wedding gown and after kissing The Donald and saying "I do", the couple were greeted with a 50-pound orange Grand Marnier cake, laden in over 3,000 roses. 

10. A Fondness For Cosmetic Surgery

Like her husband, Melania likes to spruce up her appearance, but instead of using cans of hairspray and fake tan, the Easter European beauty has gone under the knife on numerous occasions to maintain her model looks. 


Some of the many operations have included rhinoplasty on her nose to give it a more pointy shape, breast implants, Botox treatment and she even underwent a facelift. 

Yes, Melania is quite a self-conscious individual and is often sensitive to the fact that the Donald Trump shows her off which leads us onto our last part of the article.

11. A Private Person Thrust Into The Limelight

Anyone going into modelling is likely to get accustomed to cameras and lights, but unless you reach the level of Kate Moss, it's unlikely the press are going to treat you as a celebrity. But things all changed when she married the New York billionaire, Donald Trump. 


And while many might see models as confident people with little qualms, many are insecure and shy, something Melania admitted in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar which may explain her malaise whenever she is interviewed. 

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