Rapper Meek Mill Spends First Night In Jail

OMG November 9, 2017 By Hugo

Rapper Meek Mill has spent his first night in jail after violating the terms of his parole

The Philadelphia rapper's mugshot was processed last night by Pennsylvania’s Dept. of Corrections, though it is unclear where exactly the hitmaker will be incarcerated, though prison officials have stated that they will reveal the name of the prison once he's arrived there. 

Shutterstock/ Arturo Holmes

The 2-4 year prison sentence hasn't gone down well with the hip-hop community, with fellow stars and close friends Jay-Z and T.I. publicly condemning the sentence.

However, Mill's legal team will be appealing the sentence, after one of the hitmaker's lawyers, Joe Tacopina, accused the judge presiding over the case of "inappropriate acts."

In a bizarre twist, Tacpoina has stated that the judge requested the rapper cover Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” and personally call her out in the song and that he leave Jay'z label Roc Nation to sign with her friend.

The sentence was given to the star after his arrests for fighting at St. Louis airport and recklessly driving in NYC. But despite the cases later being dropped, the judged ruled that the arrests were a violation of his parole regarding a 2009 drug and gun case. 

But Meek Mill has violated his parole before. In 2015, he was sentenced to house arrest for violating the same terms, so it appears fair to point out that he's been given his fair share of chances.


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