This Puppy's Reaction To Watching Cartoons Is Priceless!

OMG February 14, 2019 By Hugo

Ask most dog owners how they view their canine friends, and they'll tell you that they are part of the family. Their companion. Their best friend. Heck, if the world were to end tomorrow, I'm pretty sure most dog owners would think more about their beloved pooch than their 98-year-old mother waiting to pop her clogs in the nursing home down the road.

Rumble/ marleygoldenpuppy

Yes, dogs are a special breed of animal that us humans can't get enough of. From rolling on their backs like hybrid seals to licking our faces like we're some sought of gelato ice cream, these smoochy canine behaviors only endear us more to these beautiful creatures but imagine your reaction to walking in on your cute pupper watching cartoons like an actual child.

That's exactly what happened to one dog owner who posted a heart-warming clip of her pet pooch Marley watching with keen interest as a series of pixelated images flashed across the screen.

While dogs likely have no comprehension of television, it makes it all the funnier as it probably thought some weird-shaped humans had invaded its owner's space and wreaked havoc in the living room!

I can't contain my excitement when my dog looks at me in the eyes for more than 2 seconds, so I'm sure Marley's owner couldn't get enough of this, as evidenced by her recording the spectacle on camera!

Watch the adorable footage below and let us know in the comments if your pup has ever done anything similar!

Too cute.


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