15 Prom Dress Fails Thanks To Online Shopping

LOL December 7, 2017 By Vincent

Online shopping can be fantastic, it is a great way of browsing, shopping and having your items delivered to your door without having to leave the house meaning that you can save time searching endless shops when you have a busy or hectic lifestyle.


However, in the case of some items, such as clothing, it is probably still best to see the item in person to make sure it fits and you are not being sold an inferior version of what you see online. Unfortunately, these poor customers thought it a good idea to shop for prom dresses online and were a little shocked at what they received.

The original was supposed to be a gorgeous lacy piece with thick hems and swaying ruffles but what was received was a weirdly translucent thing with rather conspicuous opaque circles over the chest.

Definitely not what was ordered and an awful knock off to boot.

What was supposed to be a shapely, red sequinned dress with a flowing train arrived as something that resembled a skinned mermaid with shiny globules all over it.

It went from high fashion to highly questionable very quickly.

In this case, a slinky, backless white dress turned into red overalls, the complete disparity here is incredible.

A terrible fit with a stupidly long tail makes it all the more galling.

Another one where there seems to have been a sequin shortage, rather than a sparking array, there are just a few dotted about in a lackluster fashion.

Without any of the shape of the original, the whole thing seems a bit of a disappointment.

Another case of a sheer dress being a sheer disaster as the top is again a translucent mess with round white patches covering intimate areas.

The lacy design is nonexistent and it just looks a mess.

This is one of the better ones on the list, which is saying something, as it does sort of match up but seems to be of lower quality materials and a completely different cut.

Still, the customer still looks nice in it so there's no need to worry.

With the top part supposed to an intricate lace design, it looks more like a plastic shower curtain.

Whilst the neckline is way off as are the cut and fit.

Paying $120 for a satin ball gown with a sultry slit up the side is one thing...

Receiving a cheaply made curtain with a cut out for your leg is quite another.

Lacey and gorgeously fitting or frumpy and a bit, well, ugly?

It was supposed to be one but turned out to be the other.

As the purchaser put it herself, it's "a quilt with arm holes and iron ons.”

The bright pink piece is not quite the same as the sultry salmon one she'd been hoping for.

What was supposed to be a flowing white dress looked more like shopping bags taped together.

No wonder the recipient here is looking a bit grumpy.

Not even the same style, the bejeweled down was supposed to be a bit more classy than this.

Instead, it looks like tin-foil was hastily added on.

The only thing in common these dresses share are the rather garish color.

Lacking the pattern, shape or fit of what was advertised this is definitely not what she ordered.

Stylistically there are certainly some similarities but to say these dresses are the same may well be a step too far.

Not the worst we've seen but still not great.

Less diamond cuffs and more shards of glass whilst the material doesn't even look the same.

Akin to a cheap children's costume that is oversized we wouldn't recommend turning up to a formal do in this.

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